Prebendal Farm "in a gruesome state", residents say

Thistles have massively overgrown
Thistles have massively overgrown

"Slum-like" and with "unuseable pathways" that's how angry residents are describing Aylesbury's Prebendal Farm - and they want action now.

Transport for Bucks has been contacted about the state of the communal areas in the estate, which is driving residents to despair, but we are yet to hear back.

Sally says the alleyways are now unusable

Sally says the alleyways are now unusable

Sally Tarbox, a longtime resident of the estate said: "The conditions here are nothing short of 'slum-like'.

"How have things been allowed to become so bad?

"The alleyways are full of rubbish and thistles, there's broken glass, builders rubble and sheets of corrugated plastic everywhere.

Sally also says pine needles are a foot deep after years of neglect.

More overgrown wildlife in the area

More overgrown wildlife in the area

Sally continued: "The greenery is overflowing everywhere and the alley is hardly usable now.

"Why has Prebendal Farm been allowed to fester while neighbouring estates are pristine?"

"Other residents talked of fly tipping in the area, in one case where a fridge/freezer was dumped and despite three reports to the council, it took a year to remove.

"I've lived here 30 years and it's getting worse and worse, it's becoming a bit of a health and safety risk, people are tripping - there's broken glass and all sorts.

"We do go out and pick stuff up but can't pick up the heavier stuff, the builders rubble and broken glass and sheets of corrugated plastic.

"I'd like to organise a community event so people can help tidy things up because I can't do it on my own."

A spokesperson for Transport for Bucks said: "

Residents will be aware that the County Council stopped spraying weeds a number of years ago.

"The Council decided that £500k of resource was to be allocated this year to treating weeds in a one off manner. This does mean that all streets and pavements in residential areas will be treated a minimum of three times to combat weeds such as those in the photographs provided.

"Once killed off, TfB will follow up with a sweep of all channel lines to remove the dead weed growth and any detritus that has collected there as a consequence.

"In areas that cannot be accessed by mechanical sweepers we will deploy teams to manually pull and remove excess weed growth.

The County Council welcomes the move by local residents to clear some of the overgrowth themselves and would encourage the owners of shrubs and the like that abut the footpath to ensure that the foliage remains within the confines of their property."