Poo next to Aylesbury's John Hampden statue 'a new low' for the town

A child was seen urinating and defecating next to the John Hampden statue in Aylesbury town centre yesterday afternoon (Sunday) in an incident that left onlookers 'fuming' and 'disgusted'.

Monday, 22nd October 2018, 12:25 pm
Updated Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 3:26 am
Library image of the John Hampden statue in Aylesbury

The incident was brought to the attention of this newspaper by reader Catherine Tack who witnessed it as she enjoyed coffee at Cafe Nero in Market Square yesterday afternoon (Sunday) at around 4pm.

Catherine said: "A young child, who I reckon was around three or four, was playing with her mother and running around the statue of John Hampden.

"I was stunned to watch the mother pull down the child’s trousers and wait while she urinated on the ground.

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"They didn’t stop there as the child then spent several minutes defecating as the mother fussed around and offered encouragement.

"She then dutifully wiped her bottom and went to walk away (by now the father had joined them)."

Mum-of-four Catherine, 56, added there was no hint of remorse when she confronted them.

She said: "I do not understand why they subjected several people to this disgusting act.

"They did not even seem embarrassed when I marched over and told them to pick it up."Shame on those parents - I have four children and not one of them was ever allowed to do that.

"A toilet was within a few feet of where they decided to publicly perform an anti social act and I am still fuming."I can honestly say I have never seen another human being do that in public.

"Dog owners are fined, what about these disgusting animals dressed up as normal law abiding citizens?"