Retired nurse from Aylesbury village slams Buckingham MP for not wearing a mask

Terry says the MP should be 'setting an example'

By Hannah Richardson
Thursday, 28th October 2021, 10:02 am
Updated Thursday, 28th October 2021, 10:04 am

A retired nurse from Brill has slammed her MP for not wearing a mask.

Terry Judge, aged 61, was shocked to see Buckingham MP Greg Smith was not wearing a mask while sitting in the House of Commons.

Terry, who worked as a nurse for 30 years, most recently at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, said he should be setting an example.

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Buckingham MP Greg Smith

Terry has emailed Mr Smith several times to press the matter.

He replied: "I will not be wearing a mask but I entirely respect it is a decision for each individual," adding: "It is my view that mask wearing should be voluntary."

Terry, who lives in Brill, told the Bucks Herald: "I saw him sitting on the back benches in the House of Commons with no mask, and the hypocrisy just struck me - that the government are asking people to put a mask on in crowded indoor spaces.

"And I thought, surely somebody in that position should be setting an example to the general public who are watching them."

Terry said Mr Smith's reply, that mask wearing should be voluntary, "strikes me as really not caring anything about anybody but himself".

She said: "I don't know if he's grasped the idea that the reason we're all asked to wear masks is to protect other people. We should be all trying to protect each other."

And she added: "It's such a simple thing to do - all we need to do is all wear a mask to keep everybody safe when we're in crowded spaces or going on public transport or going into the supermarket - it's not really a big ask to keep everybody much much safer."

Terry said she is worried about the Covid infection rates, and the effect that is having on treatment for other health problems.

She said: "While the cases are so high and there are so many hospital admissions, it means the waiting list for elective surgery gets higher and higher. It's just not on."

And she said her plea to Mr Smith is: "Please, please, follow your own government's advice.

"Because it's one thing saying something and it's quite another doing it, and people watch what he's doing, as a leader.

"It's no good saying: 'Do as you're told but I won't bother.'

"He should be setting an example - and also he's putting everybody at risk that he meets."

Greg Smith told the Advertiser: “It is essential we get back to normal and learn to live with this virus.

"The vaccination programme has broken the link between cases and the need for hospital treatment or worse.

"If we carry on with restrictions or go backwards, everyone will suffer - the economy will tank, those suffering from other health conditions will not get the treatment they need, and people’s mental health, especially children, will suffer.”