Reactions to the General Election from politicians in Aylesbury

We've been interviewing the key politicians and councillors in Aylesbury and getting their reactions to the General Election results. Here's what they had to say to us.

Friday, 13th December 2019, 1:59 pm
Updated Friday, 13th December 2019, 2:00 pm

Firstly, we spoke to the new MP for Aylesbury, Rob Butler of the Conservative Party. 32,737 people (54%) voted for him yesterday. He said:

"I'm absolutely delighted - thrilled. It's going to mean some stability and break the log jam in parliament and I think that's going to be a benefit to the people of Aylesbury and the villages just as much as people across the whole country.

"I hope that from my perspective as the local MP I'll be able to stand up and make my voice heard and more to the point their voices heard on the issues that I highlighted during the campaign, in particular opposition to HS2, but also making sure that Aylesbury gets its fair share of the benefit of the extra police, the extra investment in the NHS, the extra investment in schools that's been promised by the Prime Minister and working closely with the councils and then moving into the unitary council on infrastructure and the development of Aylesbury as a place to attract people who want to come and live and work and shop and visit because I genuinely think that the town has huge potential."

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Rob Butler, Liz Hind and Martin Tett
Rob Butler, Liz Hind and Martin Tett

Liz Hind, the Labour Party candidate who finished second to Mr Butler in Aylesbury with 15,364 votes (25.4%), said:

"My feelings are that we've had an MP who hasn't stood up for us and we've now got another MP promising he's going to rebuild the High street, he seems to think that he can stop HS2, so lets hold him to account. They've made lots of election promises but are they going to happen?

"We've seen for example a massive rise in the use of food banks in Aylesbury. Under this new MP who says that he's going to govern for everyone in his constituency, is he going to stop the use of food banks because it's unacceptable that people like nurses are being forced to rely on charity in order to feed their families - that's revolting."

The leader of Buckinghamshire County Council, Conservative member Martin Tett said:

"I think the result is brilliant. In Bucks we've got a clean sweep including both Milton Keynes seats which is absolutely fantastic news. I'm really pleased for them, I've seen how hard they've worked and I've nothing but admiration for them and the teams behind them because they haven't done this on their own. There's been a whole team of people out knocking on doors, leafleting, helping to get people to the polling stations yesterday - I was one of them. It's been a fight and it's been great to see the result.

"In terms or what's cut through, I think there's been a real heartfelt desire to get Brexit done and move on. We've been stuck for three years. What was really interesting on the doorsteps was we had really strong support in what you would regard as classic Labour areas. I've been around council estates where 20 or 30 years ago you wouldn't have thought you'd find a single Tory voter but actually there was really strong support in those areas that I haven't seen before.

"In terms of what it means for the area, we've got a block of seven MPs, including the two Milton Keynes ones, who are really committed to working for Bucks. We have meetings with MPs regularly and I'm really looking forward to a great relationship with a whole new team."