RAF Halton comes to the aid of the homeless

RAF Halton staff help the homeless
RAF Halton staff help the homeless

Last week,  Sgt Kristian Harrison MBE, Cpl Rhydian Davies and seven Recruits from McTeague and Jackson Flight, Recruit Training Squadron, attended a Thames Valley Police (TVP) initiative offering homeless people within the Aylesbury area a ‘Safe Place’ in Aylesbury Town Hall, with food and refreshments offered to those in need.

Kristian said: “We have been Working alongside TVP with Tesco, Royal British Legion and other health care services offering support and guidance to those who need it most.

"The first part of the evening was to ensure that the facility was set up ensuring that people had places to sit and chat. As the doors were open and the first few walked in, surprised by the number of helpers, we were quickly given another tasking from TVP.

" We were asked to walk the streets and look for the homeless and offer them a safe place for a couple of hours. Having ensured that the refreshments remained stocked and those we found were safe, it was time to depart back to RAF Halton so the Recruits had time to turn around their kit and perform block jobs for the following day’s tasks.

“During the drive back all were a little more thankful for what we have, the two main things we agreed on were; not taking things for granted and we hope we can attend the next event to continue our support to a very worthy cause.

“Seeing people who are in a dark place and have nothing in their life is a real eye opener, however, seeing the positive attitude they have and providing a service to make them smile is definitely rewarding and should anyone want to assist on the next event please contact me on 656752.”