Hundreds object to revised plan to build apartments in car park of hugely popular Aylesbury beauty spot

Watermead Parish Council and residents are objecting the application in the 'strongest possible terms'

Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 12:54 pm
Updated Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 12:56 pm

A revised application has been submitted for the unpopular plan to build 21 apartments on a car park in a hugely popular Aylesbury beauty spot.

Dozens submitted objections to Mr Adrian W Rowlands plan to erect flats at Watermead Village Car Park.

Watermead Parish Council was among the hundreds to officially complain about the prospective construction.

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Plans for flats to be built on the car park of the hugely popular Aylesbury beauty spot of Watermead have been re-submitted

It stated that it was against the plan in the 'strongest possible terms' raising concerns around flooding, the size of the flats and potential congestion and parking among other issues.

A residential meeting also saw 70 residents all conclude the plan was a bad idea, according to council officials.

Another objection raised by the council was the knock on effect lowering parking availability in a popular part of the village would have.

Speaking on behalf of the local authority, a parish council clerk said: "The proposed application by reason of its size, scale and bulk would not appear to be in keeping with the existing dwellings to create a unique vernacular in the village.

"The development would appear as an overly prominent addition that would detract from the pattern of development and would adversely impact the character and appearance of the original design concept of Watermead."

The council clerk went on to criticise the lack of flooding prevention measures outlined, adding: "Flooding is a very serious concern for Watermead. The applicant has not produced a surface water drainage scheme for the site, based on sustainable drainage principles."

Next on the agenda was the impact building flats on parking space would have on traffic and parking. The clerk said: "With one road in and out of the village it is congested during the daily rush hours. People already park on the verges, causing disturbance to grassed areas and blocking pedestrian footways - of particular importance to those with accessibility issues.

"We noted and very much agreed with the previous consultation response from Buckinghamshire County Council Highways Authority.

"We too were very concerned by the reduction of general parking bays to the Piazza and the immediate effect this will cause to residents and visitors of the Piazza and also the nearby residents to this proposed development.

"This application proposes to reduce the Piazza parking area by a substantial amount, whilst now increasing the amount of parking (requirement)."

The application is expected to go to committee, the expiration date for this plan is November 4 but the final consultation date has not been set yet.

The official amended plan argues that by erecting the block of flats 'further into the existing car park' it will not affect the character of the Watermead street scene.

The plan states: "This enables more tree planting than was proposed in the June 2020 scheme and also serves to allow greater space between proposed new trees and the built structure."

Other neighbourhood complaints called the potential of further overloading of the car park 'dangerous'. While another states that the 'prospect of losing long established beautiful trees from our lakeside development is concerning and of great disappointment'.

Residents and the local parish council will be anxiously awaiting the final decision later this year.