Get ready to vote! It's by-election week in Riverside and Southcourt

STOCK IMAGE: election count at AVDC
STOCK IMAGE: election count at AVDC

Residents of Southcourt and Riverside (Quarrendon and Berryfields) will go to the polls this Thursday in by-elections to choose two new district councillors and also a town councillor for Southcourt.

Anyone who lives in the Riverside and Southcourt wards and whose name is on the electoral register can vote. Polling stations will be open from 7am – 10pm, and the addresses for the relevant polling stations can be found on the polling cards.

Voters who are unsure of the location of their polling station can check online at - where detailed maps are provided.

There are fifteen candidates in total across the three contests, and counting will take place straight after the election, with results expected shortly before midnight.

Further information on the Thursday 17 August by-elections can be found here: