#GE2017: Aylesbury election results breakdown

It was a good night for Aylesbury's Labour group and candidate Mark Bateman - even though they didn't snatch the historically safe Tory seat from David Lidington.

Coming in second place, Mr Bateman secured 17,617 votes.

In 2015 Labour came 4th, behind UKIP (2nd) and the Liberal Democrats (3rd).

Voter turnout was also up on 2015, with 72% of those eligible to vote going to the polls this time, compared to 68%.

Here is a breakdown of the Aylesbury result:

Conservative, David Lidington: 33,313

Labour, Mark Bateman: 17,617

Liberal Democrats, Steven Lambert: 5,660

UKIP, Vijay Singh Srao: 1,296

Green Party, Coral Simpson: 1,237

Independent, Kyle Michael: 620