Council leader urges Aylesbury residents to be cautious while welcoming end of Plan B Covid restrictions

"As ever, the key advice is to take up your vaccine"
Bucks Council Leader Martin TettBucks Council Leader Martin Tett
Bucks Council Leader Martin Tett

Bucks Council Leader Martin Tett has welcomed the lifting of Plan B restrictions while reminding residents to remain cautious of spreading Covid.

The government's Plan B restrictions which were brought in to halt the spread of the Omicron variant will no longer be mandatory, starting tomorrow (January 27).

Now, wearing face coverings on public transport and in shops is encouraged, but optional again, rather than enforced by law.

Other government guidelines such as the instruction for people to work at home where possible, also end tomorrow.

Council Leader Tett said it was 'great' that the UK has reached the point where restrictions could be eased, but urged caution citing the county's large total of recent Covid infections.

The councillor says a decline in national hospital admissions relating to Covid has meant facilities haven't been overwhelmed by the high number of cases.

Yet Councillor Tett warned against complacency when it comes to the virus, as thousands of new cases are still being confirmed in Bucks every day.

There has been 2,662 Covid infections recorded by the government in Aylesbury Vale alone, in the last seven days.

Councillor Tett said: "It’s great that we are in a position to ease restrictions; this is largely because our health services nationally, while under severe pressure, are not buckling or being overwhelmed and we are seeing the number of daily hospital admissions currently falling.

"I must also stress however that the number of daily new cases remains high including here in Buckinghamshire; we are seeing around 1,000 new cases every day across the county. In the first two weeks of January there were over 12,500 new cases of Covid reported in Buckinghamshire.

"There are many people in our communities who are at higher risk from the impacts of Covid and guidance remains in place to help slow the spread of the highly infectious Omicron variant:

- "Meet others outdoors and keep indoor spaces ventilated.

-"Test regularly especially if meeting others.

-"Take daily tests if you’ve been in close contact with someone who’s tested positive.

-"Isolate if you test positive, and follow the isola tion guidance for households with possible or confirmed infection."

Also the council leader again stressed the importance of getting vaccinated and how jabs represent the best way to protect yourself from Covid.

Councillor Tett added: "As ever, the key advice is to take up your vaccine. It offers the best protection against serious illness from Covid.

"We are working hard with our NHS colleagues to make sure everyone can make an informed decision on vaccination."

He went on to identify additional ways people could get vaccinated, including the 'Health on the Move' vans in which NHS staff deliver jabs to people without an appointment.

The van next parks up in Aylesbury on Sunday (January 30), at Alfred Rose Community Centre from 10am to 4pm.

Councillor Tett advised that additional vaccination opportunities are being organised for people with specific needs.

He cited a vaccination clinic for people with learning disabilities and autism delivered last week at Stoke Mandeville Hospital as an example of this.

The council leader also advises that officials are looking to set up more clinics within the county.

Vaccine hesitancy among pregnant women was also mentioned in the council leader's address.

Bucks-based NHS experts stress that vaccine is safe for pregnant women and a free webinar and Q&A session has been organised by the local trust to ease concerns.

People can register for the event online here.