Bucks Council reveals breakdown of draft budget proposals for 2022/23

A look at where the council's budget will be spent in the coming year

By Rory Butler, Local Democracy Reporting Service
Wednesday, 12th January 2022, 11:07 am
Updated Wednesday, 12th January 2022, 11:10 am

Bucks Council has published its draft budget proposals for 2022/23 – outlining millions for the “biggest priorities”.

It recently announced a council tax increase from April of 3.99 per cent – this follows a 1.99 per cent hike in April last year.

This includes plans to raise the Adult Social Care Precept by 2 per cent. (It has budgeted to spend approximately £295 million on social care services in 2022/23).

Bucks Council

This will mean a rise of £1.23 per week for the average Band D property.

The council also said it would reduce the budget for its 16 Community Boards from £3.4 million to £2 million, a reduction of £1.4 million.

It will also use a one-off £1.36 million sum from the General Fund to “balance the budget” and “mitigate risk” in 2023/24.

As part of its Capital budget spending over the next four years:

-£37.9 million on ‘Economic Growth and Regeneration’

-£136.4 million on schools

-£117.9 million on transport and strategic highways maintenance (including: £61.6 million on major resurfacing; £17.7 million on smaller surface repairs; £8.5 million on pavements; £8.4 million on street lights; £8 million on drainage)

-£120.5 million on ‘Strategic Infrastructure’

-£24 million on waste (primarily vehicle replacement and a HRC in Buckingham)

-£21.7 million on ‘Housing and Homelessness’ (including affordable housing action plans and disabled facilities grants)

The council said it had made “difficult choices” amid an “extremely challenging financial environment”.

Budget proposals will be submitted at the cabinet meeting on February 15, who will make final recommendations to full council meeting on February 23, where the final budget will be agreed.