AVDC says future of local government should not just be ‘short term’ cost saving

View - AVDC offices, The Gateway, Aylesbury PNL-140807-104657001
View - AVDC offices, The Gateway, Aylesbury PNL-140807-104657001

The leader of Aylesbury Vale District Council has said the future of local government needs to be about long term sustainability not “short-term” cost saving.

Following the announcement by Bucks County Council of plans for a new unitary authority that would lead to the five local authorities in the county being abolished, a joint statement has been released from the leaders of Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern, South Bucks and Wycombe District Councils.

Bucks County Council says its {http://www.bucksherald.co.uk/news/plans-unveiled-to-create-single-authority-in-buckinghamshire-that-could-save-18m-a-year-1-7580035 |plans} for a new “Buckinghamshire Council” would save £18 million a year and make local government in the county less bureaucratic.

The statement from the four district councils says the proposal by Bucks County Council is “welcome” but more time is needed to “find the best option.”

The district council’s have commissioned their own report into the future of local government in the county, which is due to be published in the next few weeks.

The statement reads: “Bucks CC’s report helps highlight the need for change in local government as the sharp reduction in funding to councils has far reaching effects for us all. However, what form this change will take remains to be seen.

“We’re looking at all the options with no preconceived ideas. We need to make sure we find the best option for long-term sustainability, not simply short-term cost saving, whilst delivering cost-effective services that our communities want.”

“Bucks County Council’s report is a welcome addition to the vitally important debate we need to have about public services in Bucks. It deals with many important points and we’re looking forward to discussing these further when our independent report is published within the next few weeks.