Plans to make our county safer

Making our county safer is the aim of a nine-page report outlining Thames Valley Police's key challenges.

Released this week, the Safer Bucks Plan was put together following a community consultation.

It says that while crime in the county has seen a decrease, there is still work to be done on victimisation, community safety and offending.

The report says: “Community safety is an area of concern for all communities and consistently highlighted as a high priority by our residents.

“The impact of crime and disorder on the quality of life of individuals and whole communities means that it affects everyone who lives, works and is a visitor in Buckinghamshire.”

The force set out is Buckinghamshire priorities for the year as protecting children and young adults, protecting adults who are vulnerable due to where they live, reducing acquisitive crime and re-offending, reducing substance misuse and dealing with hidden crime.

Speaking about the protecting children and young adults priority, which was brought to the fore last year when six men were jailed for a string of sex offences in Aylesbury against two young girls, the report read: “Working on improving our understanding of the things that increase the risk of young people becoming victims or offenders and using that information to tackle things like child sexual exploitation, violence, domestic abuse. gangs and exploitation into terrorism.”

And speaking about dealing with hidden crime the report added: “Working on improving the information and knowledge we have to better tackle crimes that under reported, for example hate crime and human trafficking, and use this to help earlier identification, support and prevention.”

The report also highlighted the need for the force to work together with other agencies including the councils, fire service and ambulance service.

It talks about working with other agencies in ‘thematic groups’ to tackle issues such as domestic and community 
violence, anti-social behaviour and reducing re-offending.