Plans for £1million helipad at Stoke Mandeville Hospital

Thames Valley Air Ambulance
Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Plans for a £1million helipad at Stoke Mandeville Hospital have been submitted to the district council.

If approved, the helipad for air ambulances is planned to be opened in January 2016 and be elevated over the main visitor car park located beside the hospital’s emergency department.

New LED lighting will also illuminate the entire helipad allowing for patients to land at night.

Its design and construction has been funded by a £1million donation from the County Air Ambulance HELP Appeal.

Its chief executive Robert Bertram said: “Air ambulances currently have no other option but to land in a field close to Stoke Mandeville hospital.

“After a patient suffering from a major trauma, including those with spinal injuries lands, they need an additional transfer in an ambulance, which could seriously affect their chances of recovery.

“If a patient with a broken back gets hospital treatment within four hours of the accident, their chances of walking out of the hospital increase dramatically.

“Building a helipad significantly closer to the hospital’s world class consultants could really help in this process, as the patient can then be admitted straight from the helicopter, rather than still being an ambulance ride away.”

Stuart Blagg, consultant spinal surgeon at the National Spinal Injuries Centre added: “A new, well-lit helipad that can cope with seriously injured patients and those with other life threatening conditions flying in from across the UK will be of great benefit to patients accessing our care.

“We are very grateful to the HELP Appeal for its generous donation.

“The National Spinal Injuries Centre, based at Stoke Mandeville Hospital treats around 150 major spinal injury patients from across the country.

“Getting patients to us faster and without another ambulance involved will improve the care we can give to our most injured patients.”

The plans have been submitted by Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust to Aylesbury Vale District Council.