Planning round-up: Who is building where in the Vale?


Check our list of local planning applications – is anyone wanting to build near you?


n Upgrade their existing telecommunications installation at Aylesbury Rugby Club. Aylesbury Rugby Football Club Weston Road Aston Clinton HP22 5RN. Ref. No: 16/00757/INTN

n Single storey side extension and part garage conversion. Halfpenny House 16 Dean Way Aston Clinton HP22 5GB. Ref. No: 16/00707/APP


n Demolition of existing church building. Redevelopment of the site to provide a new two storey church building and conversion of existing garages to form an ancillary one bed studio flat. Mission Hall Fleet Street Aylesbury HP20 2PA. Ref. No: 16/00430/APP

n Change of Use to Class A2 (financial & professional services). Mr Simms 1A Friars Square Aylesbury HP20 2SP. Ref. No: 16/00645/ACL

n Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for a two storey rear extension. 43 Pemberton Close Aylesbury HP21 7NY. Ref. No: 16/00739/ACL

n The erection of a single storey rear extension which would extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 6.00m, for which the maximum height would be 3.45m, and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.55m. 31 Eaton Road Aylesbury HP21 8LA. Ref. No: 16/00736/HPDE

n Replacement of existing garage to side and rear porch (retrospective). 13 Grimmer Close Aylesbury HP19 9UD. Ref. No: 16/00724/APP

n Detached single storey garden room to rear. 15 Walton Terrace Aylesbury HP21 7QY. Ref. No: 16/00729/APP

n The erection of a single storey rear extension which would extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 3.1m, for which the maximum height would be 3.5m, and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.643m. 28 Brambling Watermead Aylesbury HP19 0WU. Ref. No: 16/00695/HPDE

n Conversion of loft to habitable accomodation. 12 Mallard Close Watermead Aylesbury HP19 0GJ. Ref. No: 16/00697/ACL

n Single storey side and rear extension. 16 Craigwell Avenue Aylesbury HP21 7AE. Ref. No: 16/00676/APP

n Replacement conservatory to rear. 35 n Archer Drive Aylesbury HP20 1ER. Ref. No: 16/00648/APP

n Infill extension to rear. 31 King Edward Avenue Aylesbury HP21 7JE. Ref. No: 16/00263/APP

n Single storey rear extension to form new 1 bedroom flat. Prime Asset Financial Management 63 Buckingham Street Aylesbury HP20 2NF. Ref. No: 15/04380/APP


n Restoration of part of the old golf course to agriculture using imported soil, including recycling of hardcore, for a period of 5 years. Aylesbury Golf Centre Ltd Hulcott Lane Bierton HP22 5GA. Ref. No: 16/00714/ACC


n Notification Under the Electronic Communications Code Regulations 2003 by Airwave Solutions Limited to utilise Permitted Development Rights at:_ The Crong, Dancers End Lane, Tring. Site Ref:- TVY111. The Crong Dancers End St Leonards Road Chivery Buckland. Ref. No: 16/00762/INTN

n Single storey rear extension and conversion of loft over garage into additional living accommodation including new dormers to front and rear. Buckland Lodge Main Road Buckland HP22 5HZ. Ref. No: 16/00624/APP


n Replace of two windows. The Old Post Office House 1 The Square Brill HP18 9RP. Ref. No: 16/00685/ALB


n (1) Full application for single storey front, side and rear extensions to existing PH and A1/A3/A4 use together with car parking & landscaping and (2) Outline application (with access and layout to be considered and all other matters reserved) for a residential development of 12 dwellings with parking, access and amenity space. The Harrow PH And Land To Side And Rear 27 Bishopstone Bishopstone HP17 8SF. Ref. No: 16/00691/AOP

n Two storey side and rear extension. Gable Cottage 53 Bishopstone Bishopstone HP17 8SH. Ref. No: 16/00602/APP


n Demolition of barn. Erection of a new 3 bedroom dwelling. Demolition of part of existing outbuilding; re-building the historic wall to the West of the Stable Court Barn; The Old Estate Yard Thame Road Chilton HP18 9LT. Ref. No: 16/00563/APP


n Two storey rear extension and single storey front extension. 19 Winslow Road Granborough MK18 3NJ. Ref. No: 16/00451/ALB

Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of a single storey rear extension. 8 Denham View Granborough MK18 3NW. Ref. No: 16/00388/ACL


n Development comprising two flats and associated car parking spaces, replacing approved A1 shop unit with flat above (Amendment to approved scheme ref. 12/00895/APP) (part retrospective). Grendon Garage Main Street Grendon Underwood HP18 0SW. Ref. No: 16/00620/APP


n Fell 1 oak tree. Fern Farm Fern Lane Haddenham HP17 8EL. Ref. No: 16/00735/ATC.

n Installation of a freestanding greenhouse. Hopefield House 15 Station Road Haddenham HP17 8AN. Ref. No: 16/00689/APP

n Removal of conservatory and erection of single storey rear extension. 16 Crabtree Road Haddenham HP17 8AT. Ref. No: 16/00684/APP

n Erection of two cottages with one garage workshop and parking. Land At Dollicott Haddenham. Ref. No: 16/00195/APP

n Proposed two classroom extension with toilets and store to accommodate half form entry and existing one form entry. Haddenham St Marys Church Of England School Aston Road Haddenham HP17 8AF. Ref. No: 16/00710/ACC


n Replacement of front door. 64 Worminghall Road Ickford HP18 9JD. Ref. No: 16/00650/ALB


n The erection of a single storey rear extension which would extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 5.7m, for which the maximum height would be 3.86m, and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.76m. 2 Old Windmill Way Long Crendon HP18 9BQ. Ref. No: 16/00641/HPDE

n Removal of existing rear facing linear dormer, erection of single storey and first floor rear extension, erection of south facing porch at front and dormers on front and rear roofslopes, and application of render to exterior of dwelling. 20 Carters Lane Long Crendon HP18 9DE. Ref. No: 16/00404/APP

n Removal of garage and erection of replacement front extension to provide studio and entrance link to main house including alterations to parking. 9 Burts Lane Long Crendon HP18 9AJ. Ref. No: 16/00658/APP


n Erection of single-storey front garage extension (infill) and conversion of loft with 2no. front rooflights, 1no. side rooflight & construction of rear facing dormer. 3 Norvic Road Marsworth HP23 4LS. Ref. No: 16/00690/APP


n Replacement of 6 no. front elevation windows and 1 no., rear elevation window, and front door in a grade 2 listed building. 33 Main Street Mursley MK17 0RT. Ref. No: 16/00705/ALB


n Relocation and replacement of existing playground comprising play equipment up to 5.6m height. Pitstone Recreation Ground Marsworth Road Pitstone. Ref. No: 16/00682/APP


n Removal of conservatory and erection of single storey rear extension including insertion of additional ground floor window to south elevation. 9 Kimbells Close Shabbington HP18 9HL. Ref. No: 16/00677/APP


n Erection of agricultural buildings to provide hay store and tractor shed. Kingsbridge Farm Dunton Road Stewkley LU7 0LS. Ref. No: 16/00734/AGN

n Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of replacement dwelling including alterations to residential curtilage and formation of new access. Kingsbridge Farm Dunton Road Stewkley LU7 0LS. Ref. No: 16/00609/APP


n Provision of one single storey portable building. Com Dev Europe Unit 10 Triangle Business Park Quilters Way Stoke Mandeville HP22 5SX. Ref. No: 16/00678/APP


n Submission of details pursuant to Condition 2 (materials) relating to planning permission 12/02638/APP. The Barn Nearton End Swanbourne MK17 0SL. Ref. No: 12/A2638/DIS


n Lop large forward facing branches off 2 x large Cupressus to reduce shading of the graveyard and of the War Memorial and to improve the shape and appearance of the trees. Weedon Methodist Church Aston Abbotts Road Weedon HP22 4NH. Ref. No: 16/00653/ATC

n T1 - Cockspur Thorn Height - 9m Crown spread - 7m Work required : 2.5m crown reduction T2 - Snake Bark Maple Height - 8m Crown spread - 6m Work required : Fell to ground level T3 - Pear Height - 5m Crown spread - 4m Work required : Fell to ground level T4 - Rowan Height - 13m Crown spread - 10m Work required - Crown lift 3m from ground level. Penwick Furlong 4 Aston Abbotts Road Weedon HP22 4NH. Ref. No: 16/00640/ATC

n Fell 1 x Oak and 2 X Lime to prevent overcrowding and allow other trees to grow to their full potential. Fell 1 x Cherry to prevent damage to footings of neighboring bungalow. Weedon Village Play Area Aston Abbotts Road Weedon. Ref. No: 16/00652/ATC


n Two storey side extension. 40 Walton Place Weston Turville HP22 5RD. Ref. No: 16/00692/APP

n T1 Silver Birch - remove tree. T2 Leyland Cypress - Reduce height by 8”, trim front side. 12 West End Weston Turville HP22 5TT. Ref. No: 16/00675/ATC


n Submission of details pursuant to Listed Building Consent ref 15/04122/ALB relating to Condition 2 -Materials. Manor Cottage 2 Post Office Lane Whitchurch HP22 4LA. Ref. No: 15/A4122/DIS


n Pollard 2 pussey willow trees and coppice 1 pussey willow tree. Waterloo Farmhouse 15 Mill Lane Wingrave HP22 4PL. Ref. No: 16/00709/ATC


n T1 Pine - fell tree. T2 Pine - fell tree. T3 Silver Birch - crown reduction by 40%. Dalhousie Tennis Lane Winslow MK18 3HR. Ref. No: 16/00647/ATC