Planning round-up: What’s being built where you live?


Here’s a full list of planning applications recently submitted to Aylesbury Vale District Council in the Herald patch.


n Retention of existing rear first floor gable (Amendment to permission granted under ref. 12/02769/APPP). 41 Aylesbury Road Aston Clinton HP22 5AQ. Ref. No: 16/00530/APP

n The erection of a single storey rear extension, which would extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 4 m, for which the maximum height would be 3 m, and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.5 m. Low height brick work wall & glass above glazed roof. 2 Wenwell Close Aston Clinton HP22 5LF. Ref. No: 16/00476/HPDE

n Non Material Amendment sought on planning permission 01/0198/APP relating to alteration of the stable openings, infill under front roof overhang and minor alteration to central roof section. South Park House Chivery Aston Clinton HP23 6LD. Ref. No: 01/A1898/NON


n Retention of externally illuminated fascia signage. Unit 2 1 Temple Street Aylesbury HP20 2RN. Ref. No: 15/03612/AAD

n Retention of externally illuminated fascia signage. Unit 2 1 Temple Street Aylesbury HP20 2RN. Ref. No: 15/03739/ALB

n Erection of front porch. 2 The Pastures Aylesbury HP20 1XL. Ref. No: 16/00136/APP

n Change of use from a 6-bed house of multiple occupation (C4) to a 7-bed house of Multiple Occupation (Sui Generis) (Retrospective). 11 Abbotts Road Aylesbury HP20 1HY. Ref. No: 16/00142/APP

n Change of use from a 6-bed House of Multiple Occupation (C4) to a 7-bed House of Multiple Occupation (Sui Generis) (Retrospective). Crystal Hill Guest House 32 Bicester Road Aylesbury HP19 8AD. Ref. No: 16/00143/APP

n Provision of front porch. 10 Pemberton Close Aylesbury HP21 7NY. Ref. No: 16/00335/APP

n Erection of one detached dwelling and formation of new access of Beech Green. Land Rear Of 19 Lee Road Aylesbury HP21 8JF. Ref. No: 16/00341/APP

n Two storey side extension. 8 Paterson Road Aylesbury HP21 8LL. Ref. No: 16/00400/APP

n The erection of a single storey rear extension, which would extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 6m, for which the maximum height would be 3.5m, and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.8m. 70 Cromwell Avenue Aylesbury HP19 9PJ. Ref. No: 16/00525/HPDE

n Replacement signage comprising four halo illuminated fascia sign, two internally illuminated projecting signs, two non illuminated ‘collect by car’ fascia signs and seven window graphics. Marks And Spencer 31-37 High Street Aylesbury HP20 1SH. Ref. No: 16/00517/AAD

n Part two storey, part single storey rear extension. 35 Napier Road Coldharbour Fairford Leys HP19 7AY. Ref. No: 16/00510/APP

n Single storey side & rear extension. 60 Bierton Road Aylesbury HP20 1EJ. Ref. No: 16/00509/APP

Works to trees G1, G2 G3 And G4 Mixied species. Aylesbury Shopping Park Cambridge Close Aylesbury HP20 1DG. Ref. No: 16/00473/ATP

n Two storey side extension, open front porch and single storey rear extension with rooflights. 10 Walton Dene Aylesbury HP21 7LQ. Ref. No: 16/00393/APP

First floor rear extension and front porch. 8 Grafton Road Aylesbury HP19 9HS. Ref. No: 16/00399/APP


n Retention of existing medical centre and installation of new Portakabin building for use as a staff room. Berryfields Medical Centre Colonel Grantham Avenue Aylesbury HP19 9AP. Ref. No: 16/00325/APP

n Approval of reserved matters pursuant to outline permission 03/02386/AOP relating to appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for Land Parcels HW15 and HW16 comprising the erection of 210 dwellings including parking, garaging, roads and associated works. Berryfields Mda Bicester Road Quarrendon. Ref. No: 16/00326/ADP


n Erection of four self contained log cabins. Panshill Wood Fishery Panshill Boarstall. Ref. No: 16/00396/APP


n 30% crown reduction of cherry tree. 3 Spa Close Brill HP18 9RZ. Ref. No: 16/00464/ATP


n Alterations to existing garden outbuilding including increase in building depth, width and ridge height, enlargement and new window openings, canopy roof over entrance door and velux window to rear roof slope. Byeways The Green Chearsley HP18 0DJ. Ref. No: 16/00492/APP


n Single storey rear extension. Baileys House Upper Church Street Cuddington HP18 0AP. Ref. No: 16/00477/APP


n Variation of Condition 8 relating to planning permission 14/02058/APP in order to amend the proposal to have a ground floor flat and a first floor flat. This would allow full disabled access.

Foxglove Farm Gibraltar Dinton HP17 8TY. Ref. No: 16/00431/APP


n Remove existing pebble dash to front and side elevation, replace with 3 coats lime render. 13 Churchway Haddenham HP17 8AB. Ref. No: 16/00494/ALB

n Catalpa x 4 - Prune to reduce the crowns by 10-15% to maintain a geomeric box shaped unified crown. This is the crown shape that was part of the original design purpose when these trees were planted. 3 Rudds Lane Haddenham HP17 8JP. Ref. No: 16/00452/ATC


n First floor infill extension, internal and external alterations, removal of existing pitched roof over parking area, erection of flat canopy roof. 45 High Street Ivinghoe LU7 9EP. Ref. No: 16/00364/APP


n Erection of single garage to front. 2 Lacemakers Long Crendon HP18 9BJ. Ref. No: 16/00495/APP


n Reduce holly tree by approx. 40%. Horseshoe Cottage 17 Church Lane Marsworth HP23 4LX. Ref. No: 16/00465/ATC


n Erection of a single storey rear garden room extension. Larums 39 Eaton Bray Road Northall LU6 2EU. Ref. No: 16/00471/APP


n Provision of steel portal frame agricultural building to be used as a lambing shed. Hillview Paddocks St Johns Lane North Marston MK18 3GY. Ref. No: 16/00489/AGN

Erection of one detached 5 bedroom dwellinghouse. Land At 51 Quainton Road North Marston. Ref. No: 16/00387/APP


n Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for the construction of a single storey rear extension. 12 Campbell Lane Pitstone LU7 9FT. Ref. No: 16/00449/ACL


n Internal works including replacement bedroom ceiling, removal of partition wall and replacement of tiled cills to windows and fireplace niche. Swallow Cottage 11 Swallow Lane Stoke Mandeville HP22 5UW. Ref. No: 16/00531/ALB

n The erection of a single storey rear extension, which would extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 4.2m, for which the maximum height would be 3.256m, and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.4m. 24 Ligo Avenue Stoke Mandeville HP22 5TX. Ref. No: 16/00435/HPDE


n New dwelling house & stables. Land Rear Of 56 Eythrope Road Stone. Ref. No: 15/04209/APP


n Two storey side extension. 56 High Street Waddesdon HP18 0JD. Ref. No: 16/00422/APP


n Demolition of existing front and rear extensions and replacement with two storey and single storey rear extensions and front porch. 28 Perry Street Wendover HP22 6JT. Ref. No: 16/00444/APP

n Single and two storey rear extension. 26 Barlow Road Wendover HP22 6HP. Ref. No: 16/00507/APP

n Installation of a portable building to serve as a welfare facility for Volunteers. The Old Allotment Site Worlds End Garden Centre Aylesbury Road Wendover HP22 6BD. Ref. No: 16/00187/APP

n Change of use from shop A1 to resturant A4 and hot food takeaway A5 and with ancillary bedsit accommodation C3 with minor changes to side elevation. 13 High Street Wendover HP22 6DU. Ref. No: 16/00328/APP


n Non Material Amendment on planning permission 15/00717/APP relating to enlarge size of balcony and infill walls to entrance canopy. High Meadow Linnet Drive Westcott HP18 0PB. Ref. No: 15/B0717/NON


n Part single, part two storey front, side and rear extension. 234 Wendover Road Weston Turville HP22 5TJ. Ref. No: 16/00513/APP

Single storey rear extension. 15 Middle Field Weston Turville HP22 5RH. Ref. No: 16/00468/APP


n Demolish existing H block building and erect new building. Acorn Business Centre H Block Cublington Road Wing. Ref. No: 16/00294/APP


n Erection of two attached dwellings with associated parking, bin and cycle stores. 15 Missenden Road Winslow MK18 3AT. Ref. No: 16/00497/APP

Single storey rear extrension. 15 Missenden Road Winslow MK18 3AT. Ref. No: 16/00500/ACL

n Two storey rear extension and pergola to side and rear. Harefields Winslow Road Little Horwood MK17 0PD. Ref. No: 16/00491/APP

n Reduce height and width of ash tree by one third. 170 High Street Winslow MK18 3DQ. Ref. No: 16/00440/ATC


n Two storey side extension and new drive entrance. 2 Clifden Road Worminghall HP18 9JP. Ref. No: 16/00395/APP.