Planning round-up: School wants new block

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Plans for a new block and other works at William Harding Combined School in Aylesbury are featured in this week’s planning round-up.

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Removal of car port and erection of detached garage/store. Penwick Furlong 4 Aston Abbotts Road Weedon HP22 4NH. Ref. No: 15/01592/APP


Continue use of land to rear as residential garden land. 152 Weston Road Aston Clinton HP22 5EP. Ref. No: 15/01457/ACL

Two storey and single storey rear extension. 182 London Road Aston Clinton HP22 5LE. Ref. No: 15/01677/APP

Channel excavation to provide a diversion for the Main River (Bear Brook tributary) around a collapsed culvert including excavation of the new channel, insertion of a culvert and land drains and creation of an earth bund. Land South Of Aston Clinton Park London Road Aston Clinton. Ref. No: 15/01589/APP

Single storey front and rear extensions and alteration to roof to provide additional first floor living accommodation including dormers to front and rear. 77B Weston Road Aston Clinton HP22 5EJ. Ref. No: 15/01565/APP

Non-reinstatement of shutters to 4 ground floor front elevation windows, introduction of new small section of sloping roof on south east elevation including removal of two existing low level flat roof sections and construction of new mono pitched roof. 21 London Road Aston Clinton HP22 5HG. Ref. No: 15/01429/ALB


Single storey front and part single, part two storey side and rear extension. 82 Craigwell Avenue Aylesbury HP21 7AG. Ref. No: 15/01567/APP

Single storey front extension, first floor side extension and front porch. 80 Wendover Road Aylesbury HP21 9NJ. Ref. No: 15/01594/APP

Two storey side and single storey rear extension and conversion of loft into living accommodation including extension of existing roof. 41 Walton Dene Aylesbury HP21 7LQ. Ref. No: 15/01648/APP

Proposed new block between existing school buildings (Infant and Junior) containing admin, studio, hall with dining facilities and year 6 classroom. Additional parking and drop off/pick up to the front. New tarmac social and PE areas to the rear of the Junior school. Internal remodelling to the Junior and Infant buildings. New canopies. Bike shed relocation. Proposed new nursery building with playground area. Additional parking spaces. William Harding Combined School Hazlehurst Drive Aylesbury HP21 9TJ. Ref. No: 15/01653/ACC

Submission of details pursuant to Condition 7 (tree protection) relating to planning permission 14/00824/APP. County Council Old County Offices Walton Street Aylesbury HP20 1UA. Ref. No: 14/B0824/DIS

Single storey side and rear extension. 2 Canal Side Terrace Aylesbury HP21 7SB. Ref. No: 15/01704/APP

Two storey side extension. 6 Long Leys Coldharbour Fairford Leys HP19 8GN. Ref. No: 15/01647/APP

Single storey side and rear extension (amendment to planning approval 15/00564/APP). 4 Chess Close Aylesbury HP21 9NE. Ref. No: 15/01699/APP

Removal of steel above ground gas holder and boiler house. British Gas Plc Gas Storage Site Gatehouse Close Aylesbury. Ref. No: 15/01649/ADM

Two storey side and single storey front and rear extension. 28 Limes Avenue Aylesbury HP21 7HB. Ref. No: 15/01689/APP

Change of use of basement into one flat with associated works including formation of a rear lightwell and installation of one new window. Heron House 49 Buckingham Street Aylesbury HP20 2NQ. Ref. No: 15/01639/APP


Conversion of loft into habitable accommodation and installation of four rooflights. Fishers Corner Church Lane Chearsley HP18 0DF. Ref. No: 15/01652/APP

Single storey rear extension to form annex accommodation. The Lodge Church Lane Chearsley HP18 0DF. Ref. No: 15/01659/APP


Submission of detail pusuant to Condition 1 -Samples/details of the materials proposed to be used on the external surfaces of the development and Condition 2 - Details of all screen and boundary walls, fences and any other means of enclosure on planning permission 14/03669/COUAR. Great Seabrook Farm Seabrook Farm Lane Cheddington LU7 9AB. Ref. No: 14/A3669/DIS


Fell one copper beech and one willow. The Old Rectory High Street Cublington LU7 0LQ. Ref. No: 15/01678/ATC


Conversion of office building to create one dwelling. Primrose Studham Lane Dagnall HP4 1PH. Ref. No: 15/01684/APP

Demolition of existing barn & erection of one new dwelling. Primrose Studham Lane Dagnall HP4 1PH. Ref. No: 15/01683/APP


Fell Horse Chestnut tree (T1) and pollard willow to allow new crown to form (T2). Glebe Cottage School Lane Dinton HP17 8UZ. Ref. No: 15/01623/ATC


Erection of an agricultural building for straw storage. Ridge Farm Main Road Drayton Parslow MK17 0LJ. Ref. No: 15/01645/APP

Application for outline planning permission with all matters reserved for the erection of an agricultural workers dwelling. Land At Ridge Farm Main Road Drayton Parslow. Ref. No: 15/01585/AOP


First floor rear extension. 52 The Pastures Edlesborough LU6 2HL. Ref. No: 15/01539/APP


Cut back one cherry tree to 2m clear of roof and reshape accordingly. 1 The Croft Haddenham HP17 8AS. Ref. No: 15/01644/ATC

Demolition of existing annex and erection of one replacement dwelling with new access off Stockwell. Stockwell Farm Cottage 17 High Street Haddenham HP17 8ES. Ref. No: 15/01285/APP


Fell three Poplar trees. The Old Bakehouse 19 Worminghall Road Ickford HP18 9JB. Ref. No: 15/01643/ATC.


Drop kerb and widening of vehicular access. 53 Bicester Road Long Crendon HP18 9EE. Ref. No: 15/01635/APP

Pollard one Tilia cordata (T1) tree and reduce crown of one Betula pendula (T2) by a total of 2-3ft no cuts exceeding 10cm diameter. 56 Bicester Road Long Crendon HP18 9EF. Ref. No: 15/01600/ATC

Submission of detail pursuant on planning Condition 4 - Full details of both hard and soft landscape works on planning permission 14/00804/APP. 18C Chearsley Road Long Crendon HP18 9AW. Ref. No: 14/A0804/DIS


Non Material Amendment sought on planning permission ref 14/01539/APP relating to change of cast iron canpopy to entrance. Land Adjacent Brook Cottage Church Lane Mursley Ref. No: 14/B1539/NON


Non material amendment to planning approval 14/02953/APP - Amendment to the external materials for Northcroft, windows and doors amended for Little Orchard & Northcroft, porch to Northcroft amended, side windows omitted from Little Orchard and velux window added to Little Orchard. The End Cottage, Norcroft & Orchard Cottage Chapel Lane Northall LU6 2HF. Ref. No: 14/A2953/NON


Single storey rear and front extensions. 4 Queen Street Pitstone LU7 9AU. Ref. No: 15/01634/APP

First floor side extension and single storey rear extension. 10 Church Road Pitstone LU7 9HA. Ref. No: 15/01620/APP


T1 & T2 Apple - Fell as close to ground level as possible and treat the stump. 28 Church Street Quainton HP22 4AP. Ref. No: 15/01669/ATC

Outline planning application for the demolition of an existing single storey building, erection of two detached dwellings and reconfiguration of access and parking, with access, layout and scale to be considered at this stage. Swan And Castle PH 52 Lower Street Quainton HP22 4BJ. Ref. No: 15/01473/AOP


Removal of Condition 1 (limiting duration of the planning permission) and variation of Condition 4 (to allow the stationing of no more than 24 caravans) attached to planning permission 13/01314/APP. Willows Park Horton Road Slapton LU7 0QR. Ref. No: 15/01700/APP


Outline permission with access to be considered and all other matters reserved for a residential development of up to 190 dwellings with associates access. Land At Lower Road Stoke Mandeville. Ref. No: 15/01619/AOP


Single storey side/rear extension. 8 Chiltern Road Wendover HP22 6DE. Ref. No: 15/01595/APP


Submision of details pursuant to Condition 4 (acoustic report) of planning permission 14/01684/APP. Whitchurch Service Station High Street Whitchurch HP22 4JU. Ref. No: 14/A1684/DIS

Proposed extension to school hall. Whitchurch Combined School North Marston Lane Whitchurch HP22 4JG. Ref. No: 15/01654/ACC

Change of use of agricultural building into one dwelling including single storey link building and re-roofing. Holts Buildings North Marston Lane Whitchurch. Ref. No: 15/01615/APP

Erection of two detached dwellings. 34 Oving Road Whitchurch HP22 4JF. Ref. No: 15/01622/APP


Demolition of existing garage and erection of detached dwelling house. Land At 42 Highfield Road Winslow MK18 3DU. Ref. No: 15/01588/APP

Part single, part two storey rear extension, raising of eaves and extension of hipped roof, conversion of garage into residential accommodation with new pitched roof over and addition of new timber store to rear. 10 Manor Road Wendover HP22 6HQ. Ref. No: 15/01596/APP

Installation of extraction system; erection of a timber store/housing for LPG tanksinternal alterations. The Swan PH 1 Winslow Road Great Horwood MK17 0QN. Ref. No: 15/01205/ALB