Planning round-up: Hampden Fields application in full and Aylesbury Railway Station revamp

Planning round-up
Planning round-up

Our round-up from recent planning applications includes Hampden Fields and Aylesbury Railway Station.

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n Single storey front extension and rear conservatory. 4 Long Plough Aston Clinton HP22 5HA. Ref. No: 16/00432/APP

n The erection of a 5m deep single storey rear extension with flat roof and lantern rooflights, as an addition to the rear of the existing 3m deep extension, which would cumulatively extend beyond the rear wall of the original dwelling by 8m, for which the maximum height would be 3.4m and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.9m. 140 Weston Road Aston Clinton HP22 5EP. Ref. No: 16/00366/HPDE

n Reconstruction of access track (Retrospective). Rhencullen Farm Chivery Aston Clinton HP23 6LD. Ref. No: 16/00306/APP


n Canopies: Install maintenance access hatches to existing canopy roofs, replace damaged glazing panels and cleaned, apply protective coating to steelwork, replace rotten timbers to canopy structure, replace timber fascia dagger boards, replace bell tower with GRP equivalent and repoint surrounding brickwork, re-line valley gutters, new lighting, cabling and containment system. Footbridge: Grit blast all steelwork and apply protective coating system, install steelwork repairs, replace concrete deck, GRP anti slip overlay to be applied to all treads and deck, new lighting, cabling and containment system. Aylesbury Town Railway Station Station Way West Aylesbury. Ref. No: 16/00304/ARW

n Submission of details pursuant to Condition 1 - A scheme of landscaping on planning permission 14/02604/APP. The Lodge Kingswood Lane Wotton Underwood HP18 9FY. Ref. No: 14/A2604/DIS

n Porch replacement. 17 Dorset Place Aylesbury HP21 9BW. Ref. No: 16/00353/BED

n Single storey rear extension. 50 Patrick Way Aylesbury HP21 9XJ. Ref. No: 16/00381/APP

n The erection of a single storey rear extension, which would extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 6m, for which the maximum height would be 3.633m, and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.612m. 17 Yardley Green Aylesbury HP20 2HE. Ref. No: 16/00436/HPDE

n Garage conversion into habitable accommodation. 28 Kestrel Way Watermead Aylesbury HP19 0GH. Ref. No: 16/00408/APP

n The erection of a single storey rear extension, which would extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 4 m, for which the maximum height would be 3.616m, and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.4m.

5 Northfield Road Aylesbury HP20 1PB

Ref. No: 16/00437/HPDE

n Erection of dwelling and vehicular access. Land At 1 Galsworthy Place Aylesbury. Ref. No: 16/00376/APP

Single storey front and rear extensions. 214 Ingram Avenue Aylesbury HP21 9DD. Ref. No: 16/00363/APP

n T1 - Lime. Remove and replant with two 10-12cm girth Cypress Oaks. Reason: The tree has significant overhang to the house and car parking area of 79 Rivets Close and is causing continuous distress to the residents. There is excessive bird mess being dropped on to the parked vehicles below. 79 Rivets Close Aylesbury HP21 8JR. Ref. No: 16/00385/ATP

n New vehicular access and crossover. 7 Edgecombe Road Aylesbury HP21 9UG. Ref. No: 16/00382/APP


n Replacing the roof thatch including the later tile section of the original house; relaying the tiled roof and replacing the pvc roof of the extension; removing the external paint; renovating the timber frame and rendering the walls; replacing all painted timber windows; internal alterations; removal of the enclosure and lean-to store; renovation and repair of outbuildings. Badricks Farm 94 Aylesbury Road Bierton HP22 5DL. Ref. No: 16/00095/ALB


n Single storey rear / side extension. 10 Bishopstone Bishopstone HP17 8SE. Ref. No: 16/00371/APP

n Non Material Amendment sought on planning permission 15/02128/APP relating to the removal from proposed plans of 3 windows at ground level and inclusion of window on propsed plans, south side elevation. 10 Moreton Lane Bishopstone HP17 8SQ. Ref. No: 15/A2128/NON


n One and a half storey side and rear extensions, single storey rear extension with balcony above, basement accommodation to side of dwelling, porch and detached garage to the front. 1 Godfreys Close Brill HP18 9SW. Ref. No: 16/00368/APP


n Conversion of part of garage into additional living accommodation. The Old Orchard Church Lane Chearsley HP18 0DH. Ref. No: 16/00358/APP


n Conversion of workshop into residential dwelling. 13 Thame Road Chilton HP18 9LT. Ref. No: 15/04270/APP


n Raising of existing chimney stack. Goosey Cottage Boot Lane Dinton HP17 8UJ. Ref. No: 16/00398/APP


n Outline application with access to be considered and all other matters reserved for the erection of 43 dwellings and associated garaging, together with the creation of new accesses off Stanbridge Road, landscaping and all enabling and ancillary works. Land East Of Stanbridge Road Haddenham. Ref. No: 16/00412/AOP

n First floor extension over existing single storey extension. 1 Stockwell Furlong Haddenham HP17 8HD. Ref. No: 16/00405/APP

n Erection of side extension to existing storage barn to provide new store with first floor office space. The Stables Manor Farm 11 Church End Haddenham HP17 8AH. Ref. No: 15/03870/APP


n Erection of two storey side and single storey side extension. Kiln House Duck Lane Ludgershall HP18 9XZ. Ref. No: 16/00311/APP


n Demolition of existing residential dwelling and outbuildings and replacement with one new dwelling together with detached car barn and adjoining studio/office. The Weasels Lodge Salden Lane Mursley MK17 0PN. Ref. No: 16/00157/APP


n Demolition of timber shed and erection of single storey side extension linking house and garage. 7 School Hill North Marston MK18 3PE. Ref. No: 16/00288/APP


n Conversion of the existing garage into a living room. 7 Morton Close Pitstone LU7 9BQ. Ref. No: 16/00248/APP


n Application for Lawful Development Certificate for proposed resurfacing an existing driveway and extend existing dropped kerb from one car width to two car widths. 13 Pigott Orchard Quainton HP22 4BP. Ref. No: 16/00252/ACL

n Erection of building for storage of agricultural machinery and equipment. Acorn Nurseries Station Road Quainton HP22 4BX. Ref. No: 16/00336/AGN


n Erection of one rural workers dwelling. Grove Lock Marina Leighton Road Slapton. Ref. No: 16/00362/APP


n Two storey rear extension and new porch. School House 3 High Street North Stewkley LU7 0HJ. Ref. No: 16/00346/APP


n Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for a proposed single storey orangery to side. 14 The Spiert Stone HP17 8NJ. Ref. No: 16/00375/ACL


n Erection of a side conservatory. 162 Aylesbury Road Wendover HP22 6AP. Ref. No: 16/00374/APP


n Creation of open storage to be used for the storage and maintenance of modular buildings with associated parking. Westcott Venture Park High Street Westcott. Ref. No: 16/00073/APP


n Outline planning application (with all matters reserved) for a mixed-use sustainable urban extension comprising: up to 3,000 dwellings and a 60 bed care home/extra care facility (Use Class C2/C3); provision of land for a Park and Ride site; a total of 6.90ha of employment land (comprising of up to 29,200 sq.m. B1c/B1/B2/B8 uses); provision of two primary schools (one 2 form entry and one 3 form entry); a mixed use local centre (3.75ha) with provision for a foodstore of up to 1,200 square metres (GFA), further retail (including a pharmacy), restaurant and café units, a doctor’s surgery, gym, public house with letting rooms, professional services, multi-functional community space and a day nursery, and live work units; multi-functional green infrastructure (totalling 108.43ha) including parkland, sports pitches, sports pavilions, children’s play areas, mixed use games areas, including a skate park/BMX facility, informal open space, allotments, community orchards, landscaping; extensions to domestic gardens at Tamarisk Way (0.22ha); strategic flood defences and surface water attenuation; vehicular access points from New Road, Marroway, A413 Wendover Road and A41 Aston Clinton Road; a dualled Southern Link Road between A413 Wendover Road and A41 Aston Clinton Road and a strategic link road between the Southern Link Road and Marroway; internal roads, streets, lanes, squares, footpaths and cycleways and upgrades to Public Rights Of Ways (PRoWs); and car parking related to the above land uses, buildings and facilities. Land Between Wendover Road And Aston Clinton Road Weston Turville. Ref. No: 16/00424/AOP

Outline application with access to be considered and all other matters reserved for a residential development of upto 32 dwelling. Land Off Quakers Mead Weston Turville. Ref. No: 16/00365/AOP

Lowering of kerb to front . 27 New Road Weston Turville HP22 5RA. Ref. No: 16/00354/APP


n Demolition of single storey element and replacement with two storey and single storey rear extension. 1 Recreation Ground Wingrave HP22 4PH. Ref. No: 16/00384/ALB

n Demolition of single storey element and replacement with two storey and single storey rear extension. 1 Recreation Ground Wingrave HP22 4PH. Ref. No: 16/00383/APP

n Outline planning application access to be considered and all other matters reserved for a residential development of up to 30 dwellings, including vehicular access, pedestrian and cycle links, public open space, car parking, landscaping, drainage and associated works. Land North Of Winslow Road Wingrave. Ref. No: 15/04019/AOP


n Change of use of first and second floors to residential use. 34A High Street Winslow MK18 3HB. Ref. No: 16/00403/APP

n Approval of reserved matters pursuant to outline permission 13/03827/AOP for the construction of up to 250 dwellings with associated public open space, new vehicular, pedestrian and cycle accesses relating to access into the site. Land Adjacent To Verney Road Winslow. Ref. No: 16/00345/ADP


n Single storey side extension and first floor rear extension. The Meads Bicester Road Woodham HP18 0QH. Ref. No: 16/00373/APP


n Submission of details pursuant to Condition 7 (site layout details) relating to planning permission 14/02312/APP (allowed on appeal). Land Adjacent To Kingswood Lane Wotton Underwood. Ref. No: 14/A2312/DIS