PICTURED: Swimming pool sex attacker Anthony Crawford prowling Aqua Vale changing area

Anthony Crawford at Aqua Vale
Anthony Crawford at Aqua Vale

Caught on CCTV, these images show sex pest Anthony Crawford roaming the Aqua Vale changing village moments before he sexually assaulted two teenage girls.

The 40-year-old businessman from Luton changed into his trunks and spent 10 minutes prowling around looking for girls to prey on.

Crawford in the unisex changing village

Crawford in the unisex changing village

He spotted two girls, aged 15 and 16, enter a cubicle together, rushed to the adjoining room and laid down on the floor.

He then reached under the cubicle wall and sexually assaulted them as they perched on a bench.

Crawford, of Blenheim Crescent in Luton, also spied on a 19 year old while she was changing, at the same Aylesbury swimming pool less than a month later.

Judge Justin Cole described his crimes - which took place on February 7 and April 2 - as ‘concerning’ and ‘disturbing’.

Anthony Crawford at the pool when he committed the voyeurism offence

Anthony Crawford at the pool when he committed the voyeurism offence

He only postponed sentencing so a psychiatric test can be completed.

Crawford, the director of a firm which employs five people, was found guilty of sexual assault and voyeurism by a unanimous jury verdict at Amersham Law Courts on Wednesday.

He will be sentenced on October 21 and Judge Cole said he has a ‘substantial custodial sentence’ in mind.

After the CCTV images were released in March and then again in April, Crawford handed himself in to police but said he did not touch the girls.

Aqua Vale in Park Street, Aylesbury

Aqua Vale in Park Street, Aylesbury

Giving evidence in court, Crawford claimed he just ‘pinched’ at their towels.

But prosecutor Alison Ginn said: “He looks at the girls. You can see his head turn and then he goes like a shot into that cubicle – he knows where to go.

“It doesn’t seem he was there for swimming because he is not wet.

“What possible reasons do these two girls have to lie about what happened to them?”

Reliving the attacks, the girls told the jury of their ‘complete shock’ and rushed to the female toilets because they ‘felt safer’ there.

They reported the attack to a woman who said they were ‘quivering’, ‘visibly upset’ and ‘in tears’.

Police officers performed a reconstruction and found they could reach up through the gap at the bottom of the cubicle - measuring six to eight inches - ‘with ease’.

On April 2 – the date of the voyeurism – Mr Crawford was again captured on CCTV at Aqua Vale and a swimming pool worker recognised him.

Judge Cole said: “These are extremely serious offences and it gives me fear that further offences could be committed if you are given bail.

“You have forced the young complainants to go through the trial without showing even a flicker of remorse.”