PICTURE SPECIAL: Back of the net! Successful launch for goalball in Aylesbury

Goalball 'Have a Go' Session, held at Stoke Mandeville Stadium

The sport of goalball scored a successful launch at Stoke Mandeville Stadium on Saturday February 3.

The event was jointly run by visual impairment charity BucksVision and Goalball UK.

Launch of goalball at Stoke Mandeville Stadium - bottom right Team GB players show how it's done while the other photos show kids and adults both trying the sport out

More than 60 people attended the launch with many having a go at the sport while members of the Great Britain goalball team were in attendance to meet visitors and give a demonstration.

BucksVision fundraising manager Anne Mills said: “It was a wonderful day and a great atmosphere.

“We had more than 60 people have a go - a mixture of sighted people, those who are visually impaired, parents, kids - it was fantastic.

“I would like to thank Fatima King from Tesco Farm to Fork initiative who supplied a great spread of food for everyone who was there.

“The next step for us to continue the growth of goalball in Buckinghamshire is to set up a goalball club which we hope will meet monthly.”

Anybody interested in getting involved in the setting up of a goalball club in Bucks can pop into BucksVision’s offices at 143 Meadowcroft or e-mail amills@bucksvision.co.uk.

Goalball is played by a team of three people with the object of the game to throw the ball into the net of the other team.

This is done by either rolling it along the floor or bouncing it into the net.

Defending players typically lie on their side and try to block the ball with either their legs, arms or midriff.

The ball contains noise bells which players use to locate the ball, as all players are blindfolded during the action.

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