PICTURE SPECIAL: A wacky weekend in Stoke Mandeville!

Wacky World at Stoke Mandeville Stadium

Hundreds of children and adults released their wacky sides as they enjoyed the inflatable arena set up at Stoke Mandeville Stadium over the last two days (Saturday and Sunday).

Inflatables included the Rock and Roller, where users stood on a spinning inflatable and bashed into each other using inflatable bags and Meltdown where users jumped over moving inflatables or up and down on stationary ones.

Two youngsters having fun on the Rock and Roller inflatable as Wacky World came to Stoke Mandeville over the weekend

Another highlight was Human Demolition, a group activity where the aim of the game was to push a large swinging inflatable ball in the direction of a friend or family member who had to avoid tumbling over while defending themselves.

The good news for those who enjoyed expending energy over the weekend is that Wacky World have indicated they will come back to Stoke Mandeville in the future.

A Wacky World spokesman said: "Roughly between 1200 and 1500 people visited us during this event which was a great turn out.

"We loved all the great feedback we received, we will definitely be returning to this beautiful destination."

An energetic youngster bounces around on the Meltdown inflatable at Wacky World's visit to Stoke Mandeville over the weekend

A family have a go at the Human Demolition game as Wacky World came to Stoke Mandeville over the weekend

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