Petition demands re-think over ‘garish’ new paving slabs in Wendover

The new paving slabs in Wendover
The new paving slabs in Wendover

A petition has been launched calling for a rethink over the ‘garish’ new design of paving slabs in the centre of a village.

Residents in Wendover have called on the parish council to stop the £300,000 redevelopment of Manor Waste.

So far 261 people have signed a petitionsaying the new look is out of keeping with the village.

The project, which started in January and is largely financed by a district council grant, will see the area being resurfaced and made more accessible.

Electricity will also be provided to market traders while drainage will be improved and street furniture replaced.

Wendover resident Hannah Hook who helped to set up the petition said: “I was aware that there was a lot of interest in what was happening and that a lot of people were not happy about how it looked.

“People feel that the consultation was not adequate and that £300,000 has been spent without the community being on board. Personally I think it is garish, modern and not in keeping with the look of the rest of Wendover.”

The petition says: “We feel that the current choice of pavement slabs is inappropriate for what is an exceptionally attractive village centre and not in keeping with the character of Wendover.”

Other concerns are that the slabs could have a ‘detrimental effect on tourism and that the area could be used inappropriately by young people for recreational activity’.

Robert Duggan, chairman of Wendover Parish Council said: “The Manor Waste redevelopment project was put out to consultation with local people and all comments were considered in the design that followed.”

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