Petition calls for better signage on ‘dangerous’ Aylesbury road

View - The Gyratory system in Aylesbury
View - The Gyratory system in Aylesbury

A petition has been launched calling for the lines to be re-painted and signs to be improved at the gyratory in Aylesbury.

The petition was started on Friday October 7 and calls on Bucks County Council to improve the signage around the busy area which is described as ‘dangerous.’

It says: “Many times I and other family and friends have nearly crashed into other vehicles when they are trying to creep into your lane when going round the gyratory.

“No one seems to know what lane to go in to go straight on or to go right.

“Signage needs to be placed to warn drivers which lane to get in.”

The petition says that lines should be repainted on the ‘dangerous’ road.

It runs until November 5 and as of today (Monday) had received 24 signatures.

To view the e-petition visit