Workers threatened with shotgun by angry local after power cuts hit Weston Turville, Wendover and Aston Clinton

Power cut stock image
Power cut stock image

Angry residents had to endure more than 40 powercuts in less than a week leading to heated clashes with workmen trying to repair the problem.

Homes in Weston Turville, Aston Clinton and Wendover were affected by the power outages which struck around five times last Monday, ten times last Tuesday and a whopping 40 times last Wednesday.

However, workers trying to repair the damage were shocked when one angry service user is said to have threatened them with a shotgun, in a fit of frustration.

Former councillor and resident Phil Yerby, said: “UK Power Networks emailed me and asked me to ask people to calm down.

“They said that they decided not to call the police, but that owing to the current state of terror alert, people threatening anyone with a shotgun was a stupid thing to do. In a way around here we are quite spoiled, because we don’t have power cuts that often, it’s got to the point where people don’t expect them anymore. To be fair, UK Power Networks were good, and they did react quite quickly.”

A spokesman for UK Power Networks, said: “We would like to apologise to customers in Weston Turville, Wendover and Aston Clinton who experienced an unusually high number of short duration power cuts.

“Normally such short power interruptions occur in windy weather where a tree branch or other debris touches an overhead power line.

“Despite extensive patrols of overhead lines, no fault could be found. Unusually, the cause turned out to be a fault on an underground cable which kept ‘repairing’ itself when the heat that was generated resealed the wiring, meaning it was impossible to detect until Thursday when it didn’t reseal. Our engineers then worked as quickly and as safely as possible to repair the cable, we apologise to all those affected by the power cuts last week.”