Woman gives birth to whopping 12.05oz baby girl in her living room near Aylesbury

The mum of the not-so-little girl needed no stitches

Thursday, 10th June 2021, 5:16 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th June 2021, 5:31 pm

A mum who gave birth to a 12.05oz girl has told how she delivered naturally at home with just gas and air for pain relief.

Ayshah Maton had a birthing pool installed at her home in Ashendon Village and managed the birth of daughter Eloise without a single stitch or even graze.

Mum to three boys, two of whom weighed 11lbs, she and her husband Gari expected their daughter to be big.

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Baby Eloise weight 12lb 0.5oz. Photo: Kelly Bond Photography

"We didn't realise she'd be quite so big though!," said Ayshah, who is a former children's nanny.

Doctors tried to persuade her to go to hospital to have the baby, but she had set her heart on a home birth. "I trusted my body to do what it needed to do - and it did," she said.

Ayshah is 5ft 7ins tall and Gari is almost 6ft . "I don't know how, but we just seem to produce big babies!" she said.

Eloise is now almost three months old and weights around 15lb. She is exclusive breastfed and feeds every two to three hours. A happy baby, she is content to be entertained by the antics of big brothers Ethan, aged seven, Hugo, five and three-year--old Cooper.

The happy Maton family. Photo: Kelly Bond Photography

Ayshah contacted the Herald after reading our story about nearby Cheddington mum Amy Smit, who gave birth to a 12lbs 9oz baby boy measuring two feet tall.

Baby Zeik was delivered by Caesarean section at Stoke Mandeville hospital and it took to doctors to lift him our because he was so big.

"We knew he was going to be a tall baby because all the scans showed he was quite long, and both Zac and I are around the six-foot mark. But we had no idea he was going to be that big!" said Amy.

Meanwhile Ayshah is hoping Eloise will go down in history as the biggest girl born locally. "I felt for sure our ‘little’ lady would get the top spot!" she said.

Eloise filled the scales when she was born. Photo: Kelly Bond Photography
The biggest boy. Amy Smit gave birth of baby Zeik, who weighed 12lb 9oz.
Ayshah in labour in her birthing pool
Ayshah and Eloise immediately after the birth