Winslow club in danger of having to leave town due to constant vandalism

Winslow Croquet Club is in danger of having to move away from the town, after repeated vandalism has left its lawn damaged and fences broken.

The club has been in existence for nearly 30 years and has about 25 members, who play three or four times a week on their small lawn next to the football pitch at Winslow Sports Club on Elmfields Gate.

Members come from Winslow, Buckingham and nearby villages including Waddesdon and Marsh Gibbon.

But sadly, the club is suffering from repeated vandalism to its fences and littering of its lawn and seating area.

Club chairman Liz Kinsell said: “I think it’s a very good resource for the town and it’s just rather depressing that every time we come we have to pick up the trash.

“Nearly every time we come, there’s another bit of fence that’s been knocked down.

“There is no point repairing it, for it to be knocked down within a couple of weeks – which is what we’re finding.”

Repairing the existing fences would cost about £2,000, Liz said. The alternative would be to install metal fencing similar to that around the children’s play area – which would cost a whopping £18,000.

“It will be uncomfortable for us, playing in a cage, but it’s better than this", said Liz.

The club is now turning its mind to fundraising, and will eventually be seeking sponsorship from local businesses wishing to advertise on the new fencing.

Liz said: “We want to stay, because it’s Winslow Croquet Club, but if this goes on we need to move out somewhere where this doesn’t happen, and that would been leaving Winslow.”

She added: “We do croquet demos and local events, so we try to be part of the community, and we try to invite the community in to play.

“And apart from the Bowls Club, it’s probably the only recreation area for people who are probably retired to come and play something like this.

“Recently we’ve had people in their 80s, coming up to 90s, and fit and healthy because it’s one of the sports that they can do.

“It’s very sociable, but it’s very tactical, so you can get a good wander round and also use your brain.

“We play here and we play in a Southern Counties league and we play friendly games, so we take it seriously.

"And so we’d like to have a nice piece of turf to play on.”