‘Wheely’ kind gesture helps our community bobby Rose

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When community support officer Rose Paton did her rounds many people noticed that her bike had seen better days.

And one firm decided to do something to help the bobby on her beat, by buying her a brand new one.

Aylesbury Logistics staff often enjoy a cup of tea with the community focussed PCSO, and set about arranging the gesture to say thank you for her hard work.

Holly Hedges, of the Gatehouse-based courier firm, said: “We like to do our bit for the community where we can. We have come to know our local PCSO Rose over time and we have always invited her for a cuppa on her rounds.

“A couple of weeks ago she stopped by the business and asked if we could pump up her tyre as it had gone flat on her round. When we had a look at her bike for her and we realised that it was well used and that she was close to needing a replacement. At this point we offered to sponsor her for a suitable new bike.”

The firm spoke to Buckingham Bikes who also offered to chip in, with a 10% discount as a thank you for Rose’s hard work and community spirit.

And this week Rose took delivery of the brand new cycle, which she will use to get around the town supporting the community and helping others.

Holly added: “Rose was more than happy with her new bike and we hope it serves her well.

“On the day we met Rose at Buckingham Bikes and it was all fitted and she was able to rise off with it on the very same day.”

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