‘What exactly are we paying estate fees for?

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A resident of a new housing development in Aylesbury is furious at being forced to pay management charges on his estate for what he says is poor service.

Residents who buy properties on the estate have no choice but to pay the quarterly charges as a condition of buying the properties, this is on top of council tax that they are already paying.

Thom Piercey, who lives on the housing estate, which is also refered to as “The Avenue” said: “I have noticed a lot of inadequacies around the estate, from small things like raised manhole covers, to more dangerous things like uneven footpaths – which have caused injury to my daughter after she fell and hurt herself.

“I’ve also seen holes dug in the ground with barriers laid over them to stop people falling in,” he said.

Thom claims the amount of work needing to be done on the site is astronomical and he says Charmonix have just passed the buck to Kier, or Aylesbury Vale District Council.

He added: “Around March 2017, my wife, daughter and I were the victim of an attempted burglary.

“I am a local police officer so I identified the signs and conducted my own enquiries as I knew that my colleagues would be stretched to attend an attempted burglary with no suspects on scene,” Thom said.

“From my door to door enquiries, I discovered that the suspects were seen running off through the gap in the hedge-line from Prothero Close onto Mandeville Road! This hole effectively caused numerous houses to be vulnerable due to the incompetence of Chamonix, which on a visit, stated that they would cost up and order a “burglar bush”. Thinking this would be a quick and simple fix, it’s almost 2018 and not completed.

“What are we actually paying for?”

Charmonix were contacted for comment, but had not responded to these allegations by the time The Bucks Herald went to press.