Wendover 9-year-old looking to inspire others to care for the environment

Lola on a previous litter pick
Lola on a previous litter pick

Lola from Wendover wants to organise a country wide 'kids clean Britain day' to help raise awareness of the damage litter does to our environment.

Lola is encouraging other children and their families head out into Wendover and litter pick on the morning of Saturday September 21, and then bring that litter to the collection point in Wendover between 11am – 1pm.

On the day Tesco will be giving out free Ice creams to all involved, and children taking part can collect their bingo litter cards on the day.

Children taking part will also be entered into a free prize draw to win vouchers from No.2 Pound Street Deli and the Kings Farm Shop.

The litter drop off point will be Manor Waste, Wendover, Buckinghamshire outside Budgens. Postcode is HP22 6EA.

Tamra Wardrop, Lola's mum said: "Our daughter, Lola is a 9 year old student at Wendover Junior school, and she has come up with the idea to have a 'Kids Clean Britain Day'.

"In May 2019, Lola wrote to Rt. Hon. David Liddington who at the time of writing was dept Prime minister, her local Councillors (Cllrs. Newcombe, Strachan, & Bowles), and the Parish Council (Tom Walsh & Stephen Worth) and they all loved the idea and have agreed to support Lola to making the idea happen.

"They all met with Lola on Friday 5th July to discuss ideas with her on how this could all work."

Following on from discussions, it was decided to trial the campaign with The Wendover Junior School.

This will be linked in with a wider campaign in the school's extra curricular education and their environmental council work.

Tamra added: "On many levels, with the huge amount of media interest in climate change, the plastic issues & student strikes, Lola saw this and wanted to make a difference locally.

"For it to come from a nine year old child, It's really inspiring that they care enough about our environment.

"Hopefully young children and students feel inspired, and that they can make a difference to shape their own futures.

"I know for a fact that Lola has been inspired by the amazing work Greta Thunberg is doing to raise climate change awareness across the globe.

"Locally, she gets increasingly frustrated when people litter, and wonders how people can be selfish enough to just throw things in the natural environment.

"The idea behind the 'Kids Clean Britain Day was creating awareness and educating the children and their families at the same time.

"I am Australian, and we do a Australian Clean up day every year, and I think this is where Lola has got the idea from."

Lola has also approached Tesco, and they have agreed to sponsor the event, by supplying rewards (ice creams) for any children who participate in the litter collection on the day.

Lola is very excited to be creating this campaign and to have so many influential people supporting her idea.

Tamra added: "I'm very proud of her, she felt a little bit swamped with everything going on with climate change but frustrated she couldn't participate in helping the local environment because of how young she was.

"I think it's great, we were all on board for supporting her - It's a great thing to educate the future generations making them think about littering."