Weather expert forecasts warmer weather and little rain in Aylesbury this week

Don't worry, there shouldn't be too many more frosty mornings this November

By Alice Fowle
Monday, 8th November 2021, 11:23 am
Updated Monday, 8th November 2021, 11:24 am

It began to feel a lot like winter last week, with a frosty night overnight on Thursday (November 4), that saw lots of us having to scrape ice off our cars on Friday morning.

The lowest temperature recorded locally down to around -2C.

This isn’t unusual for November, with an average of three frost days per month for southern England. However, while last week saw another chilly morning, the chance of these occurring in the future are reducing.

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Temperatures should remain close to, or above average for November

Since 1981, the amount of frost days has decreased by 16%, with the winter of 2020 having 20 days below average. This was the seventh consecutive year with fewer air frosts than average.

The weather held out for Bonfire Night at the weekend, with clear skies and light winds meaning that the fireworks could be enjoyed in all their glory.

This isn’t always the case however, as weather variables such as wind, humidity, and cloud cover can affect the quality of fireworks displays.

High humidity and low-level cloud can mute the colour of the fireworks, whilst very little wind can cause smoke not to disperse correctly and impact the view. Too much wind presents danger, as firework embers can disperse too quickly in all directions!

Moving forward this week, some rain is expected today but after that, it should remain mostly settled owing to a high pressure system sitting around the south of the UK.

Temperatures should remain close to, or above average for November but with a good chance for some more chilly nights over the weekend.

Patches of mist and fog will be a morning feature through the rest of this week, thanks to that high pressure in Europe.