"We just want Fletcher to live a full, family life" says mum who's son has development delay disorder

Amie Thompson is hoping to raise funds for her son Fletcher, who has global development delay disorder.
Fletcher Thompson needs your help!Fletcher Thompson needs your help!
Fletcher Thompson needs your help!

Fletcher, who was diagnosed when he was just 12 months old, turned four in November.

He is a happy young boy, but his condition means he needs equipment to help his family lift him up and down the stairs, and to lower him into the bath.

While they have this equipment at his new specialist school, his mum admitted at home they were finding it difficult to cope.

Amie said: "I am appealing to the Bucks Herald readership - as I am trying to raise funds to carry out home adaptions to enable my son Fletcher to live an easier life.

"Fletcher was diagnosed with global development delay aged just over 12 months of age and soon went on to be given a formal genetic diagnosis of 15q11.2 microdeletion."

15q11.2 microdeletion is an extremely rare disease and genetic disorder.

The most common features of this condition include developmental, motor, and language delays; behaviour and emotional problems; attention deficit disorders; and autism spectrum disorder.

Fletchers conditions means his development is delayed - he is still unable to crawl or walk, to speak or communicate.

He lies on his family and adults at school for all aspects of daily living.

Amie said she regularly talks to other parents of children with this condition - but it seems as though Fletcher is way behind in even the most basic of development.

"Unfortunately for Fletcher, bless him, his condition seems to be one of the absolute worst case scenarios.

"Other children his age and younger are up and about walking but he struggles to do that.

"With these changes to the house we can improve his quality of life no end.

"We currently have to carry him everywhere, all around the house. The house isn't even suitable for his wheelchair as the doorways are quite narrow.

"This work would pay for the doorways to be widened so he can get into all of the rooms and take part in everyday life as a family."

Things are looking up for Fletcher as he started at Booker Park School in September - and receives regular physio, speech therapy and has a one to one teaching assistant.

Amie said staff at the school were 'absolutely fantastic'.

The family are looking to install a downstairs bedroom and bathroom that will have full hoist access.

They are also hoping to widen the doorways in the house to he can enter all the rooms.

Amie said this will help the family enormously, and most importantly will allow Fletcher a much greater involvement in the families day to day living.

If you would like to donate to Fletcher's fund, please visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/fletchers-living-space