Waterperry Gardens director launches book based on 30-year-study into cultural cycles

The director of nearby attraction Waterperry Gardens is holding a special web launch for his book on Saturday, so that people can learn all about a groundbreaking 30 year-study into cultural cycles.
Paul Palmarozza hard at workPaul Palmarozza hard at work
Paul Palmarozza hard at work

Important lessons learned from history have been uncovered by the study that can help us deal with the difficult challenges present in our society today.

In order to effectively deal with these challenges, we need to quiet the ever-active mind, wrongly seeking happiness only in the material world, so that the right way forward can be more clearly seen. That way is living natural values and offering service.

These are the key research findings by a practical philosophy scholar Paul Palmarozza and his team, who have studied cultural cycles of not only our western culture, but also of the Indian, Chinese, and Arabic cultures over more than 2500 years.

Paul PalmarozzaPaul Palmarozza
Paul Palmarozza

Are we destined to repeat the past mistakes of our culture? Well if this new research is to be believed we already are!

To access the web launch at 3pm on Saturday click here: https://fses-org.zoom.us/j/97410002691?pwd=em9sTUo0aERLc1AzSHBTUWNqbzN0Zz09One of the most useful lessons learned is that life in all cultures moves in cycles, that inevitable pattern of a creative impulse to start, expansion, reaching a peak and the initial phase of decline before the final close.

A unique 854 year cycle with four clearly marked stages was revealed through significant research into planetary patterns. All is scientifically measurable. It was for these periods that the historical research was undertaken and the findings are striking and undeniable.

The analysis shows that in the West we are currently living through the cultural equivalent of the last stage of the Roman Empire when wealth, power, fame and pleasure were the dominant values and excess of the material realm common.

Speaking ahead of the launch of Cultural Cycles and Climate Change, which is published by White Oak, Paul said: “When one looks honestly at the current state of our Western society, the increasing degree of stress and tension being experienced by people of all ages and the excessive focus on the material realm, plus the great damage being inflicted on nature and the environment, we should wake up, acknowledge the true state of our culture and consider carefully the way forward.”

He added: “What is the case for many is that the mind, being a very subtle and convincing instrument, has painted a glorious picture of the state of our culture today. We are living in the most technically advanced and materially prosperous culture in history, so all is well.”

Paul believes that, like life in cultural cycles of the past, the way to counteract the damage we have done is to have more quiet time in life. He notes this has started with the rising popularity of practices such as mindfulness, meditation and quiet reflection. Paul added: “This is especially important for the young generation who in the future will be faced with even more challenging conditions.”

“This rest of the moving mind will then bring greater clarity so that how we think, relate to others and act can and should be guided by natural values like honesty, compassion, justice and patience. The result will be a greater propensity to serve others. The main focus of the final stage of the book is how we can all better serve one of the most pressing world problems, Climate Change.”

Paul, who has for more than 50 years studied philosophy, and in parallel had a successful career in business including being the CEO of a publicly listed company he founded. He is now a Director of both Waterperry Gardens, a eco-friendly garden centre own by a charity, and If I Can…CIC, a community interest company aimed at communicating the importance of values and which encourages users to be more public spirited and mindful.

Paul and his team are speaking at a virtual launch event for the new book on May 22. To find out more about the book visit www.timelessvalues.co.ukThe book is also available via www.amazon.co.uk