Warning: Addicts in Bucks injecting mephradone up to 50 times a day

  • Predatory and vulnerable people gathered in Stocklake tents to take legal highs
  • People in drug recovery programmes switching to ‘legal highs’
  • Scroll down to watch council’s video

Legal highs are a problem in Buckinghamshire, and the council says it is working hard to improve the situation.

Drugs such as MCAT or Meow Meow are being taken by rough sleepers, young people and existing drug users in rehabilitation schemes according to a new infomercial by the authority.

In the YouTube video Huseyin Djemil, of Bucks County Council’s drug and alcohol team says that the matter came to the authority’s attention in July 2013.

He says that at this time the council received reports of people in a tented community in the Stocklake area of Aylesbury taking drugs.

They found that a mix of predatory and vulnerable people were gathering in the area to take the legal highs together.

Existing hard drug addicts, who had sought help for their addictions are also known to be taking mephradrone. But to get the same buzz they are injecting up to 50 times a day, causing greater health risks.

Watch the video to find out how the council is working to tackle the problem.