Upset after Virgin Media down for entire weekend across Aylesbury

Virgin Media logo
Virgin Media logo

Virgin Media has apologised to customers in Aylesbury - after they were left without phone, internet and television services for the entire weekend.

The service was back up and running today - but in the meantime many irate customers took to social media to air their disgust at the glitch, which was caused by damaged cable.

One customer, who asked not to be named when he called The Bucks Herald earlier today said: "I'm just going to box up the equipment and send it back - I don't want Virgin Media anymore.

"What about elderly people who don't have a mobile? What if they needed to call an ambulance?"

And Dean, who lives in HP21 emailed over the weekend to say that offers of compensation were not good enough.

He said: "Virgin Media keep moving the estimated fix date and time. The current estimated fix date and time is 9am on the 24th, but I'm not convinced!

"The best they offer is a pro-rated service credit. To give you an idea, I just got £4.84 for around 48 hours to date. And that's if you're patient enough to sit through their IVR and multiple blind transfers, having to explain the issue multiple times."

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: “We’re sorry that customers in Aylesbury were unable to access our services over the past few days. This was due to some damaged cable which has now been repaired by our engineers, who worked as quickly as possible – and through the night – to get services back up and running.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused.”