UK LED manufacturers Integral relocate operations to Aylesbury

Integral lighting have relocated to Aylesbury
Integral lighting have relocated to Aylesbury

The new Rabans Lane site will be central to a network of supply links to the company’s resellers throughout the UK and to support their subsidiaries in France, Netherlands and Spain.

At an official opening this Friday September 13 the management team was joined by Sir David Lidington MP for Aylesbury and the Town Mayor Councillor Mike Smith.

The company said they wanted to celebrate the official opening of the new facility, that "marks a major step to accelerate European-wide trading, despite the existing backdrop of confusion caused by Brexit."

Sunil Kotecha, MD of Integral Memory plc said: “Whatever the outcome of the UK Government’s negotiation with the EU, we are committed to providing improved supply-side support to our customers throughout the domestic market and on the continent.

"Faster stock deliveries and ultimately more competitive product margins will provide a major benefit to trading partners ahead of challenging market conditions.

"Ultimately, we believe that British businesses have an exciting future in the European market if they are agile and remain responsive to the demands for disruptive technologies like LED lighting."

The firm say LED lighting has transformed people's experience of lighting over the last few years, as silicone chip based technology has eclipsed the old halogen and filament lights used at home and commercially.

Popularity among consumers for the new lights has grown due to the major energy and cost savings available compared to conventional bulbs and the relatively long lifespan of the new lamps.

Sir David Lidington, who attended the opening, said: “I welcome the vote of confidence Integral has given to the business future of Aylesbury.

"It is heartening that this company is doing what it needs to be successful in the 21st century – designing lighting that delivers better value for money for end customers.

“The need for innovation is never going to let up. There will always be opportunities for canny and innovative companies to increase their market share.

"Whatever happens with Brexit, the simple facts of geography are not going to change. The EU will remain the single most important trading market for companies in the UK. I wish every member of the team at Integral success.”

A 25-year track record of managing technology and products in the semiconductor market shaped their approach to the lighting market.

An in-house, fully-equipped lighting laboratory was operational one year before they sold a single lamp. In recognition of this vigilance, Integral LED earned a reputation for reliability and picked up a record-breaking eleven Which?

Best Buy Awards along the way. Now they are a familiar choice at trade counters across the country and aim to become a well-known option throughout Europe.