Tring Radio host makes top 11 in Radio Star competition like 'X Factor, The Apprentice and RuPaul's Drag Race rolled into one'

Ronan has been presenting on the community station since 2020.

A presenter on Tring Radio has made it to the third stage of an international radio competition after winning the first challenge.

During the Radio Star contest, Ronan Herc has taken on various challenges including creating a social media video.

He explained that the competition is similar to well-known television shows like the X Factor, The Apprentice and RuPaul’s Drag Race rolled into one.

Ronan hosts a radio show at the station.

He said: “It’s like you’re doing your drag from your bedroom, or in my case, radio and then they will throw at challenges at you. It'll be something that you didn't even think about ever doing, something to really make you think about.”

Ronan, 28 and lives in London, works as an agent assistant for Curtis Brown and decided to get involved in the Tring station during the coronavirus pandemic as a way of connecting with people in isolation.

He said: “I love people. I’m kind of a social butterfly and I didn't realise how much I was until COVID hit. I was doing the radio show connecting with listeners in people that are in the same situation as I was.”

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Ronan hosted shows from his parents’ home in Wales during the lockdown in 2020.

Tring Radio is now the fastest expanding volunteer-run non-profit radio station in the South East of England and began as a way to help the community navigate life during the pandemic.

Ronan explained: “It started as a way to keep local residents updated with Covid news of what's going on and what the residents doing if there were any quizzes and all the weird stuff that was happening in the pandemic.”

Previous winners of Radio Star have gone on to have shows at top stations in the world, something that Ronan has dreamed about.

It has meant a lot to Ronan to reach the top 11 out of hundreds of global entrants and he has his sights set on becoming 2022’s Radio Star.

He said: “I might cry. I just really want it on my CV. I think it would just kind of reassure me that I'm not rubbish.”

Ronan hopes to make it through the three remaining challenges and be named the winner, where he would receive coaching, access to radio technology and his own show on a commercial station.