Tiggywinkles vet debunks myths about animals and covid-19

Specialist wildlife vet Steve Smith made a YouTube video to help give viewers a greater understanding
Steve Smith of TiggywinklesSteve Smith of Tiggywinkles
Steve Smith of Tiggywinkles

A respected wildlife vet has made a YouTube video to debunk myths about animals and covid-19.

Steve Smith, who works at the Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Haddenham used the centre's Youtube channel to warn members of the public not to believe everything the see and read.

In the enlightening and in-depth video Dr Smith, who cares for 1,000 patients a day at Tiggywinkles, said that while there have been coronavirus cases in animals, it is different to the covid-19 strain that is affecting humans.

He said: "Be careful what you read and trust, stick to peer reviewed cases."

Dr Smith also used the broadcast to reach out to the centre's supporters, and give good wishes to all of those families who have been affected by the pandemic.

He said: "Our thoughts and wishes are with the tens of thousands of families who have been affected by this pandemic.

"Here at Tiggys we have many dedicated supporters as well as many dedicated rescuers, fosterers, donors and staff.

"Many people have concerns about how this pandemic will affect the animals we see, and we do see around 12,000 cases per year, and especially now as it is leading up to our busy period which is when we have baby season starting."

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