This week’s letters to the editor - including Boris Johnson and bus controversies

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

August is always known as the silly season in politics and this August is no exception.

It has taken a while to get into full swing this summer but there is no doubt that the silly season has arrived.

Instead of talking about Brexit, everyone has been preoccupied with two other ‘B’ words: Boris and the burka.

However, it is Brexit that is the underlying reason as to why Boris v the Burka has been dominating the British media’s news agenda all week.

It has become a casus belli because certain political factions chose to make it a casus belli.

One of these factions is the bitter Remoaners within the Conservative Party.

And for Theresa May, to treachery and incompetence she now adds malice and spite

The Remainers are desperate to keep Treason May in power so she can deliver the BREMAIN or BRINO (Brexit In Name Only) they want. This has nothing whatsoever to do with BoJo’s joke and everything to do with Stop Boris/Stop Brexit. He is being bullied by those terrified of a Brexiteer leading the party.

Stephen Fry made exactly the same joke about burkas and letterboxes on Have I Got News For You and Paul Merton joined in.

The self-righteous, socialist BBC did not do anything about it and there was no left-wing, socialist media frenzy as we have seen on the BBC and Sky News.

I fear our broadcasters are taking powers that are not in their contract.

They are deliberately misleading the public and are taking sides in a political sense.

It seems that it is OK for the socialist liberals and Social Justice Warriors to fly a balloon blimp over London, designed to insult the US President and to cause offence, but a joke in a newspaper article brings faux horror and outrage.

Also, why was Kenneth Clarke not called Islamophobic – a nonsense word – when he said that wearing a burka was like being inside a bag?

He was a Minister at the time, which means he spoke for the Government.

Boris is a backbencher, which means he speaks for himself.

Traitor May and her utterly humourless politically correct, cultural Marxists who have taken over the Conservative party are out of touch, blinkered idiots, who have shown once again, how totally dislocated from reality they have become.

They are now offering to send Boris on a “diversity training” course, a politically correct word for “brainwashing.” Is this diversity training something for only the indigenous population and of the Judaeo Christian faith?

Can you imagine the reaction Brandon Lewis and Traitor May would have got if they have suggested to Margaret Thatcher that she should go for “diversity training?”

A man likens a burka to a letter box and needs diversity training? Orwell underestimated the lengths to which double speak and double think can go. I do hope that Boris does not cave in and should stick the kind offer of diversity training through the nearest letterbox!

Traditionally an Englishman has the right to speak his mind short of slander. Satire, humour and understatement are also characteristics of our tradition.

Boris is certainly not guilty of slander and he is a master of satirical and humorous statement. Seeking to control the way we speak is highly “un-British.”

This overreaction of politically correct, cultural Marxist politicians, seeking to placate unreasonable or uncomprehending zealots or to capitalise upon manufactured hysteria could hardly be more removed from our cultural traditions of wit and tolerance. If such hysteria is nurtured, tolerated even, then we are on a very dangerous path. Boris must not give in.

The majority of people, including an Imam in Oxford, a Muslim lady doctor and various Muslim ladies have come forward to support Boris and believe he did not go far enough and should have called for a ban.

Can we have a Conservative government please?

Not this politically correct, cultural Marxist crazed group of career politicians who want all of us to shut up “in the interests of diversity” like the Rotherham girls were told to do by the Muslim Labour MP, Naz Shah.

Louise Johannes

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Following the news that Aylesbury may now have a majority for being in the European Union.

“The truly historic achievement of establishing a model for a community of nations governing relations among themselves according to the rule of law”, said David Lidington MP, then Minister for Europe, in Vienna, on 15 February 2011.

“Far from diluting or degrading the European Union, successful enlargement and neighbourhood policies are a testament to its enduring coherence and strength”, he continued.

“That is the British vision of a dynamic, outward-looking Europe. I hope it is clear to you that we see this as a profoundly positive agenda; not a negative one. It is focussed on a shared strategic objective: a continent of Europe reunited, prosperous and confident on the world stage.

“These great successes of the European Union are founded upon the principle that together the countries of Europe are greater than the sum of our parts”.

That is part of what he said, in the elegant surroundings of the Austrian National Bank. Let’s see that David Lidington meant it.

Phil Jones

Member of European Movement UK


I was pleased to see that Bucks County Council last week agreed

to adopt the Sustainable Mode of Travel to School (the ‘Getting to School Strategy’ ) for the period to 2036.

Local authorities are legally obliged to develop these strategies based on sustainable modes of travel, i.e. types of travel which may improve at least one of the following:

(a) The physical well-being of those who use them;

(b) The environmental well-being of the whole or a part of their area.

The options for sustainable travel include walking, cycling, scooting, bus, train, a mix of parking and walking, and the not-so-sustainable option of car sharing. It is important that the physical well-being of the pupils is taken into consideration and nothing could be more vital than their ability to get to school without accident. Walking or cycling to school also gives parents an opportunity for healthy exercise and develops good habits in children.

The Green Party is recommending that the Council adopt a policy of 20’s Plenty around schools and in areas where people live so that children can walk, cycle or scoot safely. Evidence shows that where 20s Plenty schemes are in practice there are 20% fewer casualties than previously.

Ideally the council would also consider giving students free passes to encourage more of them to use buses. This would prevent nuisance parking around schools as well as encouraging walking at each end of the journey.

I challenge the county council to deliver the safe streets that more active children will need by setting out a plan to make all residential and school areas 20mph.

Aylesbury Garden Town initiative will also be about more sustainable modes of transport and hopefully 20mph everywhere, so let’s see if the Council can practise what it preaches.

David Lyons

Aylesbury Vale Green Party


As a visitor to Aylesbury I parked in the car park above Waitrose in a disabled bay with my blue badge.

On my return I had been issued a fine why?

I had parked a few inches on the yellow zigzag.

Why because the car to the right of me had the passenger doors open .

When I appealed this ticket to the council they dismissed it.

Is your council making money from the disabled?

The manner in which they dealt with this is ott and is it legal?

I think they have too much 
power for such a petty thing.

I shall now fight this.

Jackie Webb

Via email


Over 100,000 people have signed a petition calling for urgent action to end horse deaths in racing.

The petition was started by national animal rights organisation Animal Aid, and has gained the support of high profile celebrities including Pamela Anderson, Ricky Gervais and Peter Egan.

The petition calls for an independent organisation to be established which would replace the British Horseracing Authority in its role as horse welfare regulator.

The new organisation would have horse welfare as its only interest. It would take concrete action to stop horses from dying in races, in addition to focusing on others areas of concern including breeding and post-career provision for horses. Around 200 horses die every year due to racing in Britain, and 110 have died so far in 2018. Animal Aid believes that the British Horseracing Authority has failed to take meaningful action to stop these deaths from happening.

More than 104,000 people have now signed, and the petition will close at midnight tonight (13 August). Since it has reached the 100,000 signature threshold, it will be considered for a debate in Parliament.

The following celebrities have lent their support to the petition, either by helping to promote it on social media, or by signing an open letter in support of it, including Marc Abraham, Pamela Anderson, Dominic Brunt, Sam Carter, Sarah-Jane Crawford, Peter Egan, Jane Fallon, Ricky Gervais.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has taken the time to speak out for horses who needlessly lose their lives for the sake of sport.

The overwhelming support for this petition shows that the public are becoming increasingly outraged by the shocking death toll that racing inflicts. Time and time again, the British Horseracing Authority has failed in its duty to prevent vulnerable animals from being killed in the name of entertainment.

It is time that the issue of race horse welfare was handed over to a body that will step in and stop the deaths.

For as long as horses are exploited and used in this callous sport, the very least we can do is to stop them from losing their lives.

Isobel Hutchinson

Animal Aid


Following on from one of the many previous letters.

Is Arriva financed at all by Bucks County Council?

Do bus companies run under licence to provide a service.?

Residents on Bedgrove and Elm Farm may feel that the service has been withdrawn.

If this is the case should they be part refunded for the degradation of the service?

Does Arriva, who used to be able to provide a service, have the correct stock? i.e. should there be smaller, mini buses servicing the neighbourhoods? Could another provider step in where Arriva are unable to provide the community bus service?

Red Line provides good services on some routes.

Could they be authorised to complement the Arriva routes. Could another operator come to the rescue of those unable to get to the distant bus stops?

Would appear there are at least two concerns here. Should there be a bus service?

With the emphasis on service. Is Bucks County Council or the licensing authority sufficiently committed to tackling pollution.

Bus travel should be encouraged so that car use can be lessened.

Would be good to see a response from anyone interested from Arriva and Bucks CC.

Barry Rance

Via email


In her letter last week Ms Sharp criticised the dictatorial behaviour of Arriva buses and said that we need someone who can hold them to account. 
This could be done by setting up a public service court which would force public servants and certain others to explain their behaviour.
It would not only be civil servants and local government officials who would be subject to the court, but also the public utilities and services such as buses. 
I explained the need for such a court in my letters which were published on 15-08-12, 07-01-15 and 31-08-16, and those letters can be found in the library. 
The first of those letters specifically mentioned buses. 
Unfortunatley the gremlins got into the system when the first letter was published and paragraph 2 was left out. 
Here is the first paragraph (which was published) and the second paragraph (which was not): “Last week you published a letter which complained that health trusts are not accountable, and that is true of public servants in general.
“The government should solve the problem by creating a public service court.”
I will now write to the Minister of Justice and ask him to set up such a court and tell you what he says.

N. Hayes

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