Theatre’s lottery cash bid

haddenham youth theatre
haddenham youth theatre

Haddenham Youth Theatre has become one of the first organisations to sign up to participate in the new Vale Lottery.

Earlier this week more than 50 representatives from good causes, including the theatre group, gathered at The Gateway in Aylesbury to find out about the online scheme.

Under the Vale Lottery the theatre group will have its own webpage where supporters can take part for £1 a week.

The group takes home 50p in every pound and will also be given marketing materials to help get the word out.

Cabinet member for transformation Janet Blake, who has spearheaded the Aylesbury Vale District Council scheme, said: “ It was fantastic to see so much interest from such a range of causes, including sports clubs, disability charities and organisations representing the arts.

“There was a great reaction to the Vale Lottery and I believe this will be an excellent route to fundraising for those who join up to get their supporters on board.”

As well as the 50p 
donation, 8pm from each 
ticket sale will go into a wider good cause pot which will be administered by the council.

The council says it does not benefit from the scheme.

Supports will be able to sign up to take part in the next few weeks, with the first draw expected to be around the end of November.

Anyone who gets a matching sequence of six numbers will win a £20,000 jackpot and smaller cash prizes are on 
offer too.

To find out more about the Vale Lottery or to sign up go to