The cost of a lifetime of renting: Sharp Aylesbury Vale increases and decreases, but who are the winners and losers?

An online tool which tracks the cost of a lifetime of renting has revealed sharp increases and decreases in the Aylesbury Vale area.

The area of the Vale which saw the sharpest increase on the national chart was HP18, which includes Nether Winchendon, Ashendon and Cuddington.

If you are a renter in this area over the space of 50 years you can now expect to pay £871,200, with an average rent per month of £1,452.

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This has increased sharply by 21.6% since 2018, when the average rent was £1194 and 50 years of renting would cost you £716,400.

HP21, which includes the Wendover Road area of Aylesbury also saw an increase, by 1.51% - this means that over 50 years renters will pay an extra £7,800 compared to last year's figures.

But some areas of Aylesbury reported a decrease over the space of a year.

In HP19, which includes the Meadowcroft estate, renters can now expect to pay a whopping £45,000 less over 50 years compared to last year's figure.

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But the biggest decrease of all was in the HP17 postcode, which includes Ford and Kimblewick.

According to these figures renters there can now expect to pay a giant £285,600 less over 50 years compared to last year's totals.

Over 50 years they will now pay £619,800 compared to £905,000 in 2018.

But with the average house price actually increasing year on year to £522,125 renters may be getting a good deal.

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The original tool was launched last year by windows furnishing company, company wanted to highlight just how expensive the ‘Lifetime Cost of Renting’ is.

The tool uses average rent prices for each postcode to calculate the average cost of renting for 50 years. Once the user enters a postcode or city, the results are displayed on an interactive map, showing other nearby postcodes as well, enabling them to compare their location to others in the UK to gauge how affordable each area is.

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