Thames Water criticised over 20 year 'river of poo' saga in Wendover

Jennifer Dubois has suffered with the problem for 20 years
Jennifer Dubois has suffered with the problem for 20 years

A stream of human waste and sewage has made an Aylesbury woman’s garden unusable for two decades.

Jennifer Dubois, of Halton Lane in Wendover, has been complaining to Thames Water about intermittent flooding for nearly 20 years and still suffers today.

The waste comes from a leaking sewer pipe in an adjacent field, the runoff of which spills into her garden.

The grandmother of two said: “As the years have gone on now I realise that the gaps between this happening are getting smaller and smaller.

“When the ground is wet and we've had masses of rain, there's nowhere for it all to go so the waste bubbles up in my garden creating a river of sewage.”

Despite typically being confined to the end of her backyard, the runoff has occasionally reached Jennifer's patio, bringing human waste, used condoms and tampons with it.

Jennifer can not allow her young grandchildren, aged six and eight, to play in the garden for fears that the sewage will affect their health.

She continued: “I've gone down with a hose but the germs are still there and it's right by my grandchildren’s slide and trampoline. You can disinfect it, but you can't clean it.”

“The smell and the flies are awful. I’ve had the most disgusting things you could imagine floating around on my patio.”

Jennifer continues to be affected by the runoff despite Thames Water carrying out relining work, to prevent leakage, on a section of the pipe in March.

A spokesperson for Thames Water said: “We’re aware of issues with a sewer pipe that runs under the field behind properties on Halton Lane and our engineers have been on site over the weekend.

“Since the leaking pipe was reported, we’ve taken a number of steps, including some relining work earlier this year. Our team will be back on site this week with specialist equipment to investigate further.”

The water provider are set to carry out additional work on the pipe on August 18, using special CCTV cameras to investigate the cause of the problem.