Tenants pay tribute to Aylesbury receptionist as they mark her 20 years of service

Tenants at Claydon House in Aylesbury have paid tribute to their receptionist Lorna Cook, as she celebrated 20 years of service today (Friday).

By Neil Shefferd
Friday, 2nd August 2019, 4:12 pm
Lorna Cook (holding flowers) with some of the other tenants
Lorna Cook (holding flowers) with some of the other tenants

Lorna was presented with a card, flowers and gifts by tenants in a surprise gesture this afternoon by workers at the building on Edison Road, part of the Rabans Lane industrial estate.

An overwhelmed Lorna said: "I love working with the public - I see my role here as to look after all our tenants.

"It has changed a lot during my time here - at one point I managed four construction companies and my duties were operating the switchboard and fax machine.

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"Through this job I have taught myself how to use a computer."

The building is now home to 14 office tenants, which includes The Bucks Herald and 12 virtual tenants, with Lorna's duties involving greeting visitors and doing her daily postal collection run around all the offices each afternoon.

Lorna added: "I love working here and chatting to all the tenants each day.

"I wasn't expecting this gesture from them but it's really lovely."

Lorna's 20 years of service were only revealed because the receptionist bought in a tub of chocolates for the tenants to share to mark the occasion.

Felix Okafor from Angels Care Agency, who organised the presentation said: "To work for 20 years in one place is amazing and the fact that Lorna still loves what she does is fantastic to see.

"She is always willing to help people and she is very generous - as demonstrated by the fact that she bought sweets in for us all.

"Lorna always goes the extra mile and comes round with cards for us to sign when a tenant has a significant birthday.

"I felt we needed to repay the favours by doing something to mark this anniversary so we got a card and organised a whip round among the offices.

"I hope Lorna enjoys her gifts, she gives us many more years of service and we didn't embarrass her too much by making a fuss of the whole thing!"

Photo by Hannah Greenwood.