Taking granny up Kilimanjaro is child’s play for Oscar and his mum

Sheila, Jae and Oscar will climb Kilimanjaro in August
Sheila, Jae and Oscar will climb Kilimanjaro in August
  • Oscar, 13 had idea for family adventure
  • Family will make history with three generation climb
  • Youngster hopes to take team football kits for children near the mountain
  • Mum hopes her fitness will stand up to granny Sheila, 68

A teenager is set to take on the highest free standing mountain in the world – with his mum and granny in tow.

Oscar Hopkins, his mum Jae and his grandma Sheila Miller will climb Kilimanjaro in August for charity.

The Aylesbury Grammar School boy will become one of the youngest people ever to take on the mountain.

And it is thought that Mrs Hopkins, who will be 68 when she makes up the trio, will make them the first three generational family to climb the peak, where the eldest member is a woman.

Mrs Hopkins, 42, who lives with Oscar, her two other sons Ivor, 7 and Milo 10 and her husband David, said: “It was Oscar’s idea, I work for the travel company Exodus and when I came home I said that they were going to start taking teenagers up Kilimajaro as they have only been taking adults up for decades.

“He said how old and I said thirteen, he said ‘well I’ll be thirteen in the summer’ and the idea was born.

“We then decided to ask my mum to join in too and she was more than happy to say yes. We’ve said it now and it’s become a reality, I can’t believe how quickly it’s fallen into place.”

The trio have begun training, with Oscar carrying on his squash practice at school, and playing for The Real Aylesbury Town football side at weekends.

And Mrs Hopkins admits that she was worried she may not be as fit as her active mum, and the pair have booked a walking holiday in Italy to get fit enough for the challenge. The family have also set up a blog to document their experience that will raise money for Exodus’ charities and 
Catching Lives, a homeless charity where Mrs Miller volunteers.

Mrs Hopkins, who recently moved her family to Elmhurst, said: “This is the first ever time we’ve done a blog and it’s really quite hard.

I can’t believe how quickly it’s fallen into place

Jae Hopkins

“My mum has been amazing though and has written 30 posts so far.

“The other boys and David are really excited for us too.

“When I got home and said that it was all arranged our youngest Ivor said ‘that’s good because when you are away climbing the mountain we are going to go to Paris and climb the Eifel Tower’.”

She added: “We heard that the guides at Kilimanjaro are all football mad, so would like to take some of the old Real Aylesbury Town strips for them, we are trying to find a 
local sponsor so if anyone would like to help please get in touch.

To find out more about the trip, or if you can help visit the family’s blog at www.3gkiliclimb.com