"Straight Outta Lockdown" Drag act comes to Aylesbury

Alotta and Jackie D are bringing their drag act to Aylesbury.

Friday, 9th April 2021, 10:51 am
Alotta and Jackie D

Called 'Straight Outta Lockdown', their show has been painstakingly put together during lockdown through 100's of hours of work.

Ryan Ferguson, 24 (Alotta Teal) & Jake Woodward, 21 (Jackie D) met online during the first relaxation of the rules in summer 2020.

After instantly hitting it off, they took part in several virtual live shows on social media, raising money for The George House Trust Aids Charity organised by Absolutely Dragulous.

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After spending time together and voicing their ideas they both realised that together, they could put on one hell of a show.

Despite both working full time; Ryan as a team leader in a care home and Jake working for the NHS, they have now put together 'Straight Outta Lockdown' and are looking to bring it to town when the world of entertainment re-opens soon.

Ryan said: "Straight" Outta Lockdown is one huge party with an audience of 100 including hilarious comedy sketches, jaw dropping lip sync's, dance routines and live singing. We forgot to mention Jackie is also a trained tap dancer & has been training Alotta on something extra special!

"After the show expect the stage to open up for karaoke where there will be prizes to be won including some of our official merchandise!"

The show is coming to Stone, Aylesbury at St John's Sports & Social Club on 31st July.

They will also be playing The Aristocrat in Aylesbury on 23rd July.

Both being keen to take their drag career to the top they invest all their spare time into rehearsing and coming up with material.

They have both invested thousands of pounds into wigs, makeup and custom made costumes to get this on the road. Jake has also learned how to sew and make his own outfits and is constantly practicing to make that side of his craft perfect.

The show has been under preparation since early this year and several outfits are already made or in the process.

Ryan and Jake have been choreographing several number's and also revamping some of their known acts from their live shows, making them bigger and better so they can be moved to a larger stage.

The production cost is going to run well over £1000 but all going to be worth the investment as a lot of equipment that is required will be used time and time again in future productions. With the help of their partners Matthew (Jakes partner & company director) & Franky (Ryans partner & directors assistant) all the technical requirements including sound, lighting, editing the show is coming together very nicely and we are so excited for you to see it! A show that has spent hours in Alotta Teal's dressing room is finally ready to start rehearsals on stage.

Tickets for all their events can be found on their website www.alottajackiedrag.co.uk just scroll down the page to the events section and all the information you need is there.