Stand up for Aylesbury Vale on HS2 David Lidington - and don’t take your safe seat for granted

David Lidingtonhas moved from justice minister to Cabinet Office minister and chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.
David Lidingtonhas moved from justice minister to Cabinet Office minister and chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

HERALD OPINION: Because of his ministerial roles, David Lidington has not voted once in Parliament against HS2 – which affects his constituents so drastically.

Following last week’s launch of our HS2: Enough Is Enough campaign, many of our readers – some of whom are directly affected by the scheme – have said they feel let down by Mr Lidington.

And this week we are asking you to send in HS2 questions that you would like answered by Mr Lidington – and we will put them directly to him.

When the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition first put the HS2 scheme to public consultation in 2010 David Lidington was Minister of State for Europe.

Any Government minister is required to vote with leaders on key legislation – and this means that – because of his political career, Mr Lidington has not voted once against the HS2 scheme.

In 2014, ahead of a key Commons vote on the scheme, Mr Lidington said he had been given special permission to abstain from the vote, and said that he would resign from his cabinet role at a later stage, if there was not sufficient mitigation for residents, and a tunnel through the Chilterns.

Mr Lidington has spoken in Parliament about the impact that HS2 would have on his constituents, and worked behind the scenes with some affected parties. But, despite the tunnel idea being shelved and many residents feeling under-represented, he has never threatened to resign again – or come good on the original promise.

Since 2014, Mr Lidington’s political career has flourished – he has sat as Leader of the House of Commons, Secretary of State for Justice and now has the role of Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster - one of the most powerful political seats in the land.

Here in Aylesbury Vale the majority of voters are proud of their Conservatism and vote Tory at every general election. Generations of families are proud to do so.

They do this believing that the party they are electing represents the best interests of this area – and the wider country. This staunch party loyalty ensures that Mr Lidington has enjoyed a safe seat in Parliament.

So this week were are appealing to Mr Lidington not to take us loyal voters for granted and talk tougher on HS2 for the sake of our homes, our countryside and our livelihoods.

David Lidington not take our support for granted - and show us that you appreciate our loyalty by taking a hard line on this important issue.

So readers – please send us your questions – and we will send a selection to David Lidington MP for him to answer.

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