Head keeper Anthony with baby pygmy goat Buddy

Socially distanced fun, and a newly rescued baby at The Bucks Goat Centre

The Bucks Goat Centre is allowed to stay open in Tier Four, but with strict rules.

Animals at The Bucks Goat Centre are enjoying the company of visitors during the Tier Four restrictions, after the park adapted its practices to stay safe and in line with Government guidance.

Visitors can still visit the centre, but entrance is limited and people are asked to call in advance before turning up.

Despite the restrictions, it is clear that the animals are overjoyed to have some company, much like the visitors who show up to feed them.

Owner Ruth Gaisford said that during the first lockdown when BGC was forced to shut, many of the animals became quite depressed, and had to be taken home with staff members so that they didn't get too down without company.

Life goes on at the centre, and nine week old Buddy, a pygmy rescue goat is testament to that. Buddy arrived at the centre after his owners couldn't look after him anymore, and was hand-reared by head keeper Anthony around the clock.

Anthony says that thankfully Buddy is now sleeping through the night, but that the sense of purpose the regular feeds gave him helped during a bleak time for the attraction.

At the start of the year the Bucks Goat Centre team were in high spirits, having just opened a brand new enclosure for fur trade rescue fox Barnaby.

Barnaby, like the other animals has been well cared for during the stop start year, but staff say he is very much benefitting from the socilaisation that the reintroduction of visitors has brought.

To get the latest updates on the centre go to https://www.facebook.com/Bucks-Goat-Centre-176118105787372

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