Shoppers’ dismay as still-pooping dog leaves a mess in shopping centre

The Friars Square shopping centre
The Friars Square shopping centre

A rogue dog caused a messy scene in the Friars Square Shopping Centre yesterday, leaving behind a trail of smelly destruction.

A shopper was walking close to the bridge to the car park at around 3.45pm when he smelled what he thought was a ‘burned hair aroma’.

I tried to warn people but they were just looking at me

Friars Square shopper

All of a sudden he says a man sprinted by, pulling his dog on a lead.

But he realised why the man was running so quickly when he stepped in what the dog was leaving behind.

He said: “There was a horrible smell, then I saw a bloke with a dog on the end of a lead at the end of the walk way – he was sprinting which struck me as unusual.

“The smell was getting worse as I got towards the walkway, then I stepped in something.”

He added: “I tried to warn people but they were just looking at me, and because they were looking at me they were stepping in it. There was about five or six lumps all along the walkway and the smell was awful.”

Dogs are not allowed in the shopping centre and Friars Square manager Andy Margieson said that security had stopped the man earlier on as he tried to enter.

He found his way in eventually, though, before quickly making off after his dog had relieved itself.

Mr Margieson said security staff called cleaners to deal with the mess as soon as it happened.

He said: “The man did pick up some of the poo and put it in the bin, but he obviously left some behind which was dealt with by our cleaners. This is why we do not allow dogs in the shopping centre.”