RSPCA rescuers dealt with 294 incidents in Buckinghamshire since start of lockdown

A rescued robinA rescued robin
A rescued robin
In the month since the start of the lockdown, the RSPCA has dealt with over 21,000 animal incidents - an average of 660 a day, or 27 an hour across the UK.

In Buckinghamshire, the charity has dealt with 294 incidents since the start of lockdown.

The charity has released the figures as part of its emergency appeal, launched to keep its rescue teams out on the road during the Coronavirus crisis and continuing to rescue animals most in need.

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Animal rescuers at the charity have been designated key workers by the Government but vital funding is needed to help the RSPCA’s frontline staff continue this crucial work across England and Wales.

RSPCA rescuers have recorded vlogs to show what it’s like working on the frontline, in RSPCA animal hospitals and in animal centres during lockdown.

Since the Government announced the lockdown on Monday 23 March:

● RSPCA rescuers have dealt with 21,137 incidents of animal cruelty and suffering animals

which need help

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● The charity has received more than 66,000 calls from members of the public

● There are 4,200 animals in RSPCA care*

● The charity has rescued more than 1,274 abandoned animals in need.

In Buckinghamshire the RSPCA has dealt with 294 incidents. A juvenile robin who had been injured by a cat was one of the many animals recently helped to safety by animal rescuers from the charity.

Animal Collection Officer Grace Mead said: “Luckily the owner saved this little robin from the cat quickly so other than a small wound on the back the bird was uninjured.

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“Due to the wound, and not knowing where the cat had brought him in from, I wasn’t able to reunite him with his parents, so the robin was

taken to a wildlife hospital where he will be cared for before being released back into the wild.”

The RSPCA’s Blackberry Farm Animal Centre, in the county, is also continuing to care for animals during the crisis and currently has 109 animals in its care.

To help the RSPCA keep rescuing animals like these and keep our animal hospitals and centres running for emergency treatment and round the clock care through these

unprecedented times, please donate whatever you can spare at