Quainton Beaver Scouts awarded for using skills in 'emergency situation'

Two Beaver Scouts from the newly formed Quainton Beaver Scout Colony have recently received an award for using their newly gained knowledge in an emergency situation.
Twins, Tristan and Callum Newton-WrightTwins, Tristan and Callum Newton-Wright
Twins, Tristan and Callum Newton-Wright

Twins, Tristan and Callum Newton-Wright were very level headed when their younger brother Bradley fell at home and cut his head.

Whilst mum, Kristina was stemming the blood coming from the wound, Tristan and Callum remained calm and phoned for an ambulance.

They very calmly explained what had happened and what the situation was and then waited by the front door for the ambulance to arrive.

They opened the door to the paramedics and then directed them to where their mum and Bradley were.

Paramedics praised the twins for staying calm in the face of pressure, and they explained that they had received some Emergency Aid training at a recent Beaver meeting.

Mum, Kristina said, “That day they were my second and third pair of hands - their 22 month old baby brother had managed to split his head open by falling on to corner of a bed frame and

they just sprang into action. I am so proud of them."

The boys were presented with a County Commissioner’s Commendation by Tessa Ingram (Lead volunteer for Buckinghamshire Beaver Scouts).

The wording on their certificates read, “In recognition of his use of first aid skills and maintaining exceptional calm thinking during an emergency.”

Adult volunteer Nigel Taylor said, “Scouting provides skills for life and on this occasion Tristan and Callum put those skills into action very quickly.

"Whether it is learning first aid skills, how to make a hot drink and iron an item of clothing, planning and cooking a meal, or planning an overseas trip, Scouting provides those opportunities on a regular basis.

"Children and young people gain confidence, learn about team work, do activities they have not done before such as climbing, kayaking and zorbing and make friends.”

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