Protesters are prepared for a "long campaign" against HS2 in Great Missenden

The permanent protest camp that has been established by stop HS2 campaigners at Link Road Great Missenden has been growing, as protesters prepare for a long campaign to save the Link Rd trees.

Tuesday, 22nd October 2019, 11:04 am
Protestors have erected a permanent camp at the site

Protests are continuing at the Great Missenden site, where HS2 contractors were set to cut down a selection of ancient trees in the area as they look to widen the road.

Campaigners maintain that the work should be halted until a review into the project is published.

You can read our original story here. Seb Berry, a former district councillor for Great Missenden has started a petition calling for a cancellation of the works.

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There has been a huge response from local residents and people sympathetic to the protest

So far, it has amassed 3,609 signatures.

You can view and sign the petition here campaign received a boost this week, winning the backing of Bafta and Olivier award winning actor Robert Lindsay.

Lindsay who is best known for his TV work in My Family and Citizen Smith said, "the proposed felling of the Link road trees is another act of HS2 environmental vandalism in the heart of the Chilterns AONB. Best wishes to all the protesters who are trying to stop it."

Seb Berry former Independent District councillor for Great Missenden said "I and others, warned the County Council over three years ago that their preferred Link Rd widening scheme had no support in the village, but they chose to ignore that.

"Three years on, it's no surprise that so many local people are now protesting at the site to stop such a destructive scheme.

"The County Council and HS2 Ltd should confirm that they are lifting the immediate threat to fell the trees, pending the urgent review of the works which was promised by Council leader Martin Tett when he visited the protest camp last week."

Last week, Martin Tett, the Leader of the Council, Mark Shaw, his Deputy and the local County Councillor, Peter Martin, met with local protesters against the HS2 mitigation scheme for over two hours. He listened to views from campaigners and answered their questions.

"It was good to hear directly from those most concerned about this scheme" said Martin.

"I completely oppose HS2 and have campaigned against it locally and nationally. I really wish no additional work was required to mitigate this dreadful project’s impact on the local area.

"The County Council has worked closely with the Parish Council to seek Assurances from HS2 in connection with a wide variety of local concerns, including parking and road safety. Specifically, with regard to the temporary widening of The Link Road to reduce congestion during HS2 construction, I have agreed to see if another option would achieve the same or similar effects with less environmental impact.

"If that were the case, I for one would be delighted. I obviously cannot guarantee what the outcome will be or that HS2 would be prepared to modify the current scheme but I am more than happy to look again at an alternative."