Primal Scream the theme at next Aylesbury Vinyl on Wednesdays evening

Next Vinyl On Wednesdays is another band close to my heart I've been saving; the one and only Primal Scream, whose UK tour opens in Oxford on November 19.

Friday, 1st November 2019, 11:47 am
Kris with Rob Young of Primal Scream

We have history, mainly in the 90s when I wrote about them, DJed for them, produced remixes and enjoyed many extra-curricular adventures. In 2002, I put the most printable ones in my book The Scream: The Music, Myths and Misbehaviour of Primal Scream, recently republished on kindle by Endeavour.

It all started when I returned from living in New York and found the acid house movement in full swing, like a direct descendant of the punk revolution I'd been heavily involved with. My old friend Alex Paterson was now The Orb and had remixed the Scream's 'Higher Than The Sun' into the stratosphere to join 'Loaded' and 'Come Together' as ultimate hedonistic anthems for the times.

Everything went ballistic when they released 1991's Screamadelica. We clicked when I interviewed singer Bobby Gillespie and, by the time they recorded 1994's Give Out But Give Up I was aboard Primal Scream's chaotic roller coaster as the UK's most notorious band; DJing on two UK tours, through Europe and one in Japan. I got on particularly well with lead guitarist Robert 'Throb' Young (there's some funny stories there!) In 1994, Throb and I remixed 'Jailbird' as The Toxic Trio Stay Free Mix and I also did 'Rocks'. Throb was the larger-than-life heart of the band (who always looked forward to seeing "the boys and girls from Aylesbury"), but sadly passed away in 2014 so the night will be dedicated to him.

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Although they never played Friars, the Scream appeared at a legendary Wellhead event promoted by Robin Pike and, as close friends, visited Aylesbury on several occasions, including DJing in the Ship, my two day housewarming party and guitarist Andrew Innes roaring into the Ship car park in his newly-acquired Lotus one Sunday afternoon!

I'll be expanding on all this and more at Temple Street Wine Bar on November 13, playing highlights of the band's 30 year recording career with sound provided by Aylesbury Music.

I also have to mention the Aylesbury Record Fair held at the Hop Pole on October 26, where I DJ'd with Sam Knight. Such a great time was had by those who braved the rain it's happening again on December 7.